Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Alright, let’s go through our smut book checklist. Sexy billionaire? Check! Pretty waitress? Check! Trapped in an elevator? Double check! This book has everything, from being stranded on a private island resort to close quarters in a hotel stairwell, what more could you possibly want?!stranded

Logan is a billionaire. Okay, let’s take a break for one minute. Why is it that all of the men in these novels are named Logan? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Logan in my entire life, but in the romance world I think I’ve encountered about 15! Sorry, just had to get that rant out of the way. So, like I said, Logan is a billionaire, and has a bunch of billionaire dude friends. As most billionaires do, I assume. They get together quite regularly to drink, smoke, play poker, and discuss their different business ventures. For the most part this sounds like your average guy’s night, but for some reason their little “club” is super secret. Anywho, he decides to buy a rather run-down resort on a private island in the Bahamas, because…well, why not?

Bronte studied the classics in college, and can quote Plato like nobody’s business. What does that mean for her career? Why, she’s a waitress of course (let this be a lesson to all poetry and philosophy majors). While vacationing with a frenemy in the Bahamas, a hurricane happens to pass through, and guess what happens? Everyone manages to get off the island to safety except for Bronte and Logan who were trapped in an elevator during the evacuation process. Consider this lesson number 2: if there is a hurricane ravaging your hotel, don’t take the elevator.

Considering that my blog is all about romance novels to take on your next beach vacation, and the setting of this novel is a Caribbean beach, I think it’s pretty self explanatory that this is a must-read. In spite of the somewhat unrealistic plot of this novel, it’s actually a really sexy and fun read. Logan might start off as a stuck-up douche, but he manages to throw in some sweet gestures here and there. They are also forced to sleep in a rather cramped stairwell due to the savage winds of the hurricane. Ah, the sexiness which ensues! Why not read about a little beach sex while you sit reading on the beach?

It isn’t until they get off the island that Bronte realizes she’s been trapped with a billionaire for the past few days. What luck, am I right? But in ever the romance novel fashion she pushes him away, until he comes charging in with all his alpha-maleness. You charge ahead Logan, you charge all day long. It’s funny how buying the restaurant she works at in order to get a date sounds really hot in the romance world, but in reality is probably grounds for a restraining order.

All in all, this book is hot, sweaty, and beach ready. Be sure to download all of the available books in the series to your Kindle before you leave for the beach, as you’ll want to keep on reading about the rest of the boys in the billionaire club right away.

Series: Billionaire Boys Club, book 1 of 4 which are already published. More to come!

Should you read it? It would be a crime if you didn’t bring this on your next beach vacation.

Smut Level: Sexier and dirtier than two people trapped on a private island for days with no indoor plumbing to speak of. Graphic enough for ya?

Get it on Amazon: Click Here

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