Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

This book is so freakin’ hot, and is the first in a series that is absolutely amazing! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one, so be sure to bring it along on your next beach vacation. One of the best things about this book is that our two main characters don’t even like each other very much at first, but the sexual tension between them is enough to keep them coming back for more. Multiple times. Tee hee.beautiful bastard

Chloe Mills is an MBA student who really doesn’t like her boss Bennett Ryan, but she can’t deny the fact that he is gorgeous. Beautiful even. Get it, he’s a beautiful bastard. One night, the two of them are alone together in the office, one thing leads to another, and he ends up having sex with her against the windows of the conference room. You don’t need to wait around very long for this book to get steamy, and it just gets hotter throughout the rest of the book.

There is something about a good office romance that I just love, and this is without a doubt one of the best. Everything about this book is sexy, from the cover (yummy) to the urgent need of the characters to get in each others pants/pencil skirt as soon as possible. Their sexual chemistry simply can’t be denied. They can’t keep their hands off of each other, and I think that’s part of the reason why they are so resentful of each other. They’re both so focused on success, that anything else (including feelings for someone else) is considered to be a distraction. Ergo, their sexual activities are rough, angry, and full of trash talk. What more could you want I ask ya? Personally, I want them to make it into a movie!

Eventually our two love birds start to question if this electricity between them is something more than just sex, and if it could possibly be love. Perhaps it’s something they can’t work or screw out of their systems, no matter how many times they try to do so. Beautiful Bastard is definitely the best book of this series, but the others are still awesome. All are funny, sexy and full of characters you can’t help but love.

Series: Beautiful Bastard series, book 1

Should you read it? If you haven’t bought it yet you need to do so immediately.

Smut Level: This book might even be too hot for the beach.

Buy it on Amazon: Click Here

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

  1. Question – is it standard that the male / female leads in romance novels “hate” each other at first? I’ve read just a scant few “romance” novels (for research as originally it looked as if my writing was going to be categorized as such) and every one I read, that’s how the story started. Would like to know of any books you’d recommend where that was NOT the case – novels that didn’t adhere to the trope but were still well written, fun, romantic / smutty reads :-). Thanks!


    • Initial dislike is definitely a common romance genre theme, hell look at pride and prejudice! But friends falling in love is also common. Some of my favs are Friend-Zoned (highly recommend! funny and sexy), the Secret of Ella and Micha (good, but very intense) and the Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window (has some serious moments). Another which goes against that theme is Defying the Odds (good series, but the 2nd and 3rd books have that initial dislike theme, the 1st has more hesitancy than dislike). If you need more suggestions just let me know!! There are so many I keep thinking of 🙂

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    • I hope you like it! I noticed you didn’t really like Stranded with a Billionaire (sorry!), and in this book we do have another rich dude going all alpha male all over the place. But good news is it’s such a quick read that you aren’t wasting a ton of time.


      • Oh, you don’t need to be sorry. I like to try stuff out, and it’s always a risk. But no one ever gained anything without taking a risk. I’ll let you know what I think once I finish (so far I like it) 🙂


  2. I’ve read this book and it is definitely good. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that characters have names lifted straight from Twilight. Other than that, two thumbs up!


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