What was the first Romance Novel you ever read?

It’s time for another throwback! Man, that sounds strenuous, doesn’t it? Anyway, I was reminiscing the other day, as one is wont to do when waiting in line for the self check-out at the grocery store, and tried to think back to the first romance novel I ever read. Let’s travel back in time shall we? Cue psychedelic 70’s music.

I remember I was in high school when the blessed event took place, and I think the reason I remember it so vividly is dream mountainbecause I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Basically, I had no idea that the book I was reading was a romance novel. You see, there was always a bargain bin of cheap books at the corner bookstore, and it always seemed to call my name. I would glance through it during every visit, and never left the store without a new purchase. I came across a book with a cabin on the cover, in the midst of a snowy field. Looking at it now makes me crave a cup of hot cocoa and a fire place. The short (and I mean short!) blurb captured my interest. It was about a young woman alone in a cabin who comes across a handsome, but confused stranger in the woods. Oh my, did he travel through time? Did he have amnesia? Was he running from the cops? I decided to give it a go. The book was Dream Mountain by Gena Hale and S.L. Viehl.

Looking back on the situation I realize I was a complete and total idiot. Who in their right mind wouldn’t know, just from looking at the freakin’ cover, that this was a romance novel? I mean, will you look at that cover?! The font name alone should be called, “Warning: Sexual Activities Ahead”. What can I say? I was young and foolish.

The book itself was confusing, but it had an interesting enough plot. And then, it happened. I was sitting in study hall one day reading this novel, going about by business, la tee da, when HOLY WHAT NOW?! Hello two people getting down and dirty in a cave. I couldn’t believe the detail they went into, and thought what the hell does this have to do with the story! He’s kissing her where? What does she want him to do? Why is this happening? GAH! Considering I was in school, and someone was sitting in the desk next to me, I immediately did the thing where you close the edges of the book a bit and hold it closer to you in case someone happens to read over your shoulder. I feel like we’ve all probably done the “tuck and close” at some point. I equate this move to watching a scary movie through your fingers; you’re somewhat horrified, but can’t stop watching. I think in this instance I was afraid the teacher would see what I was reading and confiscate it or something.

All in all, not the best entrance into the romance novel world. I was surprised, slightly embarrassed, and the book itself was nothing to write home about. Turns out it was actually the second novel in a series, which probably explains why the plot was so confusing. Oh well, live and learn. So how about all of you? Do you remember the first romance novel you ever read? Did you like it? Was the experience as silly as mine? If you’re in a sharing mood, feel free to leave a remark in the comment section below!


20 thoughts on “What was the first Romance Novel you ever read?

  1. Oh my! The “tuck and close” is how I spent study hall my entire high school career. LOL!

    My first romance was a Harlequin Presents I can no longer name, because after the first I devoured each and every one my mother had hidden in her closet. What I remember most is that I spent about a year in love with European spelling (“colour,” for example), and wishing I had silvery blonde hair and a heart shaped face. Ah well…

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  2. I can’t remember the title. It was a historical, which to this day I don’t care much for. A friend of mine gave it to me to read. The cover came complete with a bare chested, long haired Fabio looking man and a woman dressed up to her neck, in some gasping embrace. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school and I was a little naïve in that a, um…that department. So, I was a little lost on those parts. To say the title didn’t stick with me say’s that I clearly didn’t fall in love with romance with the experience. I didn’t pick another one up until I was in my mid-twenties.

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  3. Mine was a Harlequin Romance and seeing as how I’m sure I’m quite a bit older than you, this was back when romance novels cleverly disguised the sex scenes. Think of classic movies where it was alright to show a couple kissing, but you couldn’t show them in bed even though the audience knew dag-gone good and well that’s where the action was headed. lol

    Anyway, I forget the title but there was a man and a woman on the cover in one of those, “unhand me you brute – oh but it feels so good” style embraces. I read just far enough in when where the male lead slaps the female lead, calls her an ugly name, then leaves her to wax on about how much she’s repulsed yet drawn to him. I stopped reading it after that, along with anything that might remotely have been lumped into the romance genre. sigh.

    And of course, what do folks end up considering my writing? lol.

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  4. You have a good memory.
    If you asked me what was the first romance I ever read I wouldn’t remember.
    But I’m forever doing the tuck and close, even till this day. Especially on train journeys where the person next to you always wants to be nosey.

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  5. Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. It was one of the first explicit romance books, written in the 1970s. I remember sharing it with a friend in school and how we were both mesmerized by it. But it is very politically incorrect, with a ridiculous plot 🙂


  6. My first, or so I remember, was a Georgette Heyer novel. It was written very well, as all of her books are. It was a period romance. No, I was not even aware of what a romance was and I was rather surprised when the so-called black sheep of the family professed his love for the untamed modern girl. But, it was very genteel and I almost swooned by the beauty of it.


  7. It was a Jude Deveraux novel. I can’t remember the name but the hero was Rafe. My best friend was hooked on her at the time and visiting me for the summer. I borrowed one her books and I was hooked to the genre.


  8. My sister had left a Samantha James under her bed and obviously, being the youngest sibling and being told I couldn’t read it till I reach a certain age, immediately snuck in at the first opportunity and devoured the book (then every other romance that I could get ahold of).The amusing fact is that I spent my early teens reading nothing but Historical Romances only to completely stop by the time I hit my twenties.


    • OMG I was completely the same way! I never liked books held in a contemporary setting, so when I first read romance books, they were always historical. But then I got bored with them pretty quickly, as they all follow basically the same predictable outline. I’ve been reading contemporary romance for so long though, maybe I need to give the historicals another chance!

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  9. You know, I can’t even remember now, it’s been so long. It must have been one of my mom’s old school bodice rippers from the 60’s and 70’s, although I have clearer memories of being a Jackie Collins fan later on…


  10. I don’t remember the first romantic novel I read, but I do remember that it was a Harlequin. The hero an older guy who wore a cowboy hat and the heroine was a damsel in distress who liked to pretend she wasn’t (cliché much?). I never really finished reading it because I couldn’t understand the point of it all. 😛


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