Rush by Maya Banks

For those of you who follow my blog regularly (thank you by the way), you may remember that a few posts ago I held a poll concerning which book I should read next. Well this book won by a landslide!

Now I know that in a previous post I mentioned that my new life plan was to travel toRush London to snatch up a character from one of my reviews. Well, that plan’s out the window. I now have a new goal. Wanna hear it? Well too bad, you’re gonna hear it anyway! So my new goal in life is to travel to New York City, become a secretary for a big company, wait about a week, and have a brooding billionaire with a heart of gold fall in love with me. Because according to the vast majority of contemporary romance novels out there, Rush included, I’ve got about a 98% chance of this actually happening. Then I can buy my villa in the south of France and enjoy my piece of man candy at the same time. Oh, and maybe buy a panda.

Mia has known Gabe Hamilton for years. After all, he’s her brother’s closest friend and business partner. She’s also had a major crush on him since he first entered her life all those years ago. Gabe may be 14 years older than Mia, but when she struts into a party looking all provocative in a barely there dress (and her brother is conveniently absent), he decides to finally make his move and bring Mia into his world of pleasure.

To be honest, when I first started reading this book, I was a little worried that you all had led me astray. Why, you ask? Because in the beginning this plot followed practically line by line Fifty Shades of Grey. And we all know how I feel about that little piece of literature. We’ve got a sexy, untrusting billionaire who sets his sights on an innocent blushing beauty, and decides to have her sign a sexual contract which includes, but is not limited to, bondage, physical pain, and basically obeying his every wish. What is it with these billionaires and their sex treaties? Can’t you just meet a nice girl and take her to dinner and a movie like a normal person? I mean, talk about an awkward conversation. Gee Mia, you look nice tonight, now will you sign on the dotted line to become my sexual play thing? Thanks doll, you’re a peach. Also, why do these dudes always have to be billionaires? What, being a millionaire is just too low class nowadays?

Despite it’s similarities to Fifty Shades of Tomfoolery, there were some various elements which set Rush apart in a good way.

  1. Mia immediately admits to herself that this sex contract thing is absolutely ridiculous. It’s stupid, pretty demeaning, and completely out of character for her. But she also sets some ground rules with the contract so that Gabe can’t completely walk all over her.
  2. Gabe enjoys some elements of BDSM, but he declares outright that this isn’t because of some psychological trauma from his childhood, or because his parents weren’t in a loving relationship. According to him, it’s just a kink. Finally! A billionaire who doesn’t need therapy. He also tells Mia that they don’t need a safe-word, he understands that no means no. Awww, such a gentleman.
  3. The majority of the plot deals with Mia discovering this new world of sexual pleasure with Gabe. AKA, there isn’t a whole lot of plot (just like Fifty Shades). However! There is the whole element of them hiding their relationship from her brother, which I kind of liked. You know, the whole forbidden fruit idea.

The ending to this book was pretty awkward, but adorable as well. Let’s just say that Mia’s brother eventually finds out about her secret relationship with Gabe. He walks in on them in a rather compromising position. A blindfold and riding crop may have been involved. Ugh, I can’t even imagine the humiliation. I’d change my name and move to Bermuda. That being said, the very very end of the book is just so darn cute. It’s like Fifty Shades of Grey and the Hallmark Channel had a love child. Even though it didn’t really fit with the whole erotic tone of the rest of the book, it was a toe-curl inducing ending.

Series: Breathless series, book 1. I must say I am intrigued to read the other books in the series which deal with Mia’s brother, and another close friend in the billionaire group.

Should you read it? It’s not a must read, but it’s a good read.

Smut Level: Holy dirty talkers, these two have years of sexual tension to work off. I just hope they stay hydrated. Consider yourself warned that this book almost crosses the line at times into full on inappropriate territory. Almost.

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6 thoughts on “Rush by Maya Banks

  1. I just love your reviews , they are Funny!! you crack me up!! and i’m so in to the hole career changing thing right ?? I think i was so wrong in going to vet school i should have been a secretary in a big company and maybe go to a gym for stamina….

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