Love Hacked by Penny Reid

Sadly, I’d have to say that this was my least favorite Knitting in the City book to date. After the second novel in the series I was really hoping that we were headed towards an upward trajectory of awesomeness, but after a while I was just so frustrated with the plot of this book that I couldn’t wait for it to end hacked

In the 2nd Knitting in the City novel we were briefly introduced to Sandra Fielding, who seemed like a free-spirit, so I was really interested to read her story in the series. The premise of the novel also caught my eye, considering that Sandra probably has a worse first-date record than I do. Because she is a therapist, the majority of her dates find her remarkably easy to talk to, eventually revealing their sad tales of woe and ending the date in tears. On the guy’s side anyway. Sandra is extremely frustrated that she may never find the perfect guy. Enter Alex, hot waiter extraordinaire.

At first, Alex seems like the perfect order of tall, dark and yummy. I mean, his voice is dripping with sex, and he works in an Indian restaurant, which means he would constantly smell like butter chicken. Um, sign me up please! The two love birds also engage in some steamy kissing, and Alex is extremely possessive, which is definitely a point in his favor. Ok, so he may be on parole for committing a federal crime, be a bit paranoid about the NSA following him, and have slightly stalkerish tendencies. He’s also a virgin. So…yeah.

This book had so much potential, but unfortunately the side-plot annoyed me yet again, and this time to unprecedented levels of frustration. In the beginning, Alex seemed enticingly mysterious, but then he just got more mysterious, and extremely secretive, and I just wanted to sit on his head while he confessed to what the hell was going on! All of the build-up makes it seem like his secret is the be all end all of secrets. Did he kill somebody? Is he really a woman? Is he smarter than a 5th grader? Spoiler alert: the secret is that he invented bitcoins. I’ve got some serious eye-roll happening here.

I’m going to sound like an idiotic, simplistic, Midwestern hick here (hey, it’s who I am), but who the hell cares if Alex invented bitcoins?! First of all, I don’t think I’m the only person here who doesn’t completely understand the purpose or function of bitcoins. I mean, heck, Sandra couldn’t wrap her head around it either, and she’s a smart cookie. Therefore, why the hell would you have the plot of your novel center around such a complex idea when most people reading the book probably won’t grasp the full impact of such a big reveal? Secondly, the way that Sandra decides to avoid having to testify against Alex was so unbelievably stupid I almost threw my Kindle against the wall. But then I realized how expensive such a move would be and decided against it. Ok, so Sandra discovers that Alex invented bitcoins, and he is fearful that the NSA would force her to testify against him. Why they would bring him to trial for simply having invented bitcoins is completely beyond me, but I just don’t care at this point. The only way to avoid having her testify is if she were his priest, his therapist, or his wife. So what does she do? She decides to marry him. Ummmm, you are a therapist, and you completely bypass that line of thinking?! GRRR!!!

And now for the main reason I didn’t really care for this book. Where the heck were my knitting ladies?! They were practically absent from the whole novel, and only engaged in the tiniest bit of shenanigans at the end of the book. Come on! Throw me a freakin’ bone here. If you are going to delay the main characters from having sex until the last half of the novel (yet again!), at least let me enjoy the hilariousness of the knitting group. If I don’t have that I have nothing 😦

Series: Knitting in the City, book 3

Should you read it? If you understand the intricacies of bitcoins, feel free to give it a go.

Should you try to explain to me the intricacies of bitcoins? For the love of all that is holy in this world, please don’t.

Smut Level: Delayed gratification is a theme in this series. You don’t see any lovin’ until after the half-way point, and even then it isn’t too smutty.

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6 thoughts on “Love Hacked by Penny Reid

  1. Worked at an Indian restaurant? He would probably smell like our break room after someone reheated their curry in the microwave. Not exactly perfume if the gods. LOL
    Glad for this review because I almost bought that book this past weekend.


  2. Ohh I can’t wait to read it… A southern geek who understands Bitcoin. I can taste the butter and chicken YUM! And this read is going to be fun!!! Thanks for enticing me 😉


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