Love Kinection by Jennifer James

love kinectionAre you a nerd? Have you watched every episode of Dr. Who? Have you seen The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Well I have NOT which means about 85% of the funny jokes in this book went right over my head! I mean, what the f*%k is a TARDIS, and why is it so cute that it’s on her coffee mug?!

Abby Fine is having a pretty bad Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s the one year anniversary of her wedding day that didn’t happen because her fiancé ran off with her sister. Jack-ass. She also just got a text from said sister saying that she was going to Vegas to marry said jack-ass. What a bitch! This little piece of news causes Abby to break her iPhone, and she has no choice but to allow office hottie and tech guru, Tom, to come over and help her fix it. The fact that he brings Chinese food, video games and kisses her whenever he can is just a bonus.

This book was actually pretty funny, but as I stated earlier, I didn’t get the majority of the jokes because of their reference to all things pop nerd culture. To be honest, this kind of pissed me off! It’s like when everybody is laughing in a room, and you don’t know why. I knew when the author was trying to be funny, but it meant nothing to me. Abby and Tom quoting Dr. Who back and forth was supposed to be cute, and show how they had a connection, which I still got, but it simply wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been. Thank God I had seen The Princess Bride, as they practically summarize the whole damn movie during a date scene in the book.

Now, I have never been what these two consider to be a nerd. But goodness gracious it sounds like I’m missing out because these two were freakin’ sexy. Holy snap, crackle pop did they know how to talk dirty. There were definitely some hot and steamy scenes throughout this little book, which me likey. Although, there was an awful lot of licking involved, which was just weird. I’m talking licking of the chest, ears, lips, side of neck, back of neck…basically all of neck was up for licks. Are they part cat, for crying out loud? I’m surprised there wasn’t any toe licking involved. At least…I don’t think there was.

My absolute favorite part of the book came at about 80% (sorry, I have a Kindle, it’s the only way I can judge book length), when Abby’s ex-fiancé tries to win her back. I was a little worried at first because this chick got teary-eyed so many damn times throughout the book that I thought she’d collapse into a pile of tears and snot. Luckily, Abby finally grows a pair and punches the dirt bag right in the face. You go girl! Now kick him a little bit. And pull his hair. It was nice to see Abby turn from what can best be referred to as an emotional mess into a tough chica. Tom was also freakin’ adorable. I may not be a nerd, but I can appreciate a sexy nerd when I read about one. He also saved a widdle-biddy kitty which is just so cute!

Series: Nope, pure stand-alone, which is refreshing.

Should you read it? It only took me about 2 hours to read, but I would really only recommend it if you have more of an insight into “nerd culture”. If you do, then you’ll probably find this book really funny, cute, and quick to read.

Smut Level: There was more build-up than I was expecting, and an awful lot of rubbing, but once they got down to the dirty deed it was pretty nice.

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