Adoptive Personality by Cassandra Scearce

Umm…what just happened? Anyone? Oh yeah, my mind was just blown all over the freakin’ walls, and I have a feeling I’ll still be picking up the pieces a month from now. When I finished the last page of this book my jaw literally dropped down to my chest. Let me put it to you this way: I have read a ridiculous number of books, have watched countless hours of TV, and have a movie collection that is just obnoxious. I have therefore read or seen practically every possible ending to a story imaginable, and it takes a lot to shock me. But this book succeeded in doing so, and then some.adoptive personality

Eve has been physically and sexually abused by her father for years while her mother just stood by and watched. He has forced her to have an abortion, and even pimped her out as payment for his own debts. Eve has had enough, and decides one night to murder her mother and father by burning their house down. Have I caught your attention? Well, just wait for the twist. After succeeding in her murder plan, Eve soon discovers that her “parents” had adopted her when she was just a baby. She then starts out on a plan of revenge against the birth mother who gave her up all those years ago.

Honestly, it was very difficult to get past the first 5 pages of this book. It begins with Eve’s “father” entering her bedroom at night to rape her. I immediately thought, “Cheese and monkeys, what the hell have I gotten myself into.” Perhaps the worst part is that Eve has a photographic memory, which means that all of the scenes in this book of rape and abuse are told in explicit detail. I must say though, I’ve got to tip my hat to the author for her talent of creating such superbly disturbing and disgusting scenes, to the point where it felt like I too was in the room with Eve. Sure, it may have been against my will, but I must give credit where credit is due.

Now, I did question some of Eve’s decision making skills, and believe it or not I’m not talking about her choice to kill her parents. Rather, she seemed to go the difficult route with everything. Let me explain. To find out more about her mother, and why she gave her up for adoption, Eve decides to become a computer hacker and eventually infiltrate the company her mother works for. You know, a simple phone call may have sufficed. Maybe ask the adoption agency what was up? Also, in order to make money for all of her computer hacking equipment she decides to become a stripper, but when that starts to become too time consuming, what with her being in high school and everything, she decides to become a dominatrix. Silly me, when I was in high school I thought babysitting was a good way to earn some extra cash.

The beginning of this book definitely catches your attention with the descriptions of Eve’s abuse at the hands of her father, and the end will absolutely knock your socks off. The middle on the other hand was a little slow in my opinion. It was just too repetitive. She constantly goes through the motions of studying, stripping, dominating, driving go-carts and going to the shooting range. Then she does it all again the next week. The middle of this book also became something of a dirty math equation. Alright boys and girls, if Eve earns $800 for one night of stripping, but gives a 15% cut to the house, then plays dominatrix for an hour to earn $1500, and gives another 15% cut to the madam at the adult toy store, and then spends $500 for an illegal handgun, how much did Eve earn altogether in one evening? I don’t do math folks, especially when underage stripping is involved.

So much of the book was spent explaining how Eve was earning money for her eventual revenge plot that you almost forget why she’s plotting in the first place, and who her target is. Throughout the whole thing, I kept saying to myself, “Okay, where the hell is this thing going, and when is it going to get there.” And then, just like that, it all comes together in practically the last two pages, and you won’t believe what just happened. I finished this book almost a week ago, and I’m still thinking about the ending. Now, something very important to keep in mind is that this is NOT a fairytale ending. There is no riding off into the sunset with a handsome lover boy. Eve is also a very questionable moral character. Sure, we kind of feel her parents got what was coming to them, but in Eve’s revenge against her mother she doesn’t care who she hurts, as long as she succeeds. Overall, I can’t even really say I liked this book because it was so unbelievably dark and disgusting, from the deranged character of Eve’s father (who is definitely burning in hell) to the actions of Eve herself. However, I still have to give it to Cassandra Scearce for creating a piece of work that was so incredibly unique.

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review*

Series: Nope

Should you read it? I honestly don’t know. I’ve never read anything like it before, but it’s dark, nasty, and you’ll probably need to watch a cartoon after reading it so you can feel joy again.

Smut Level: Disturbingly graphic

Update 9/29/14 at 11:30pm: After much thought I can officially say I liked this book. It may sound crazy, but that ending just floored me.


14 thoughts on “Adoptive Personality by Cassandra Scearce

  1. ‘you’ll probably need to watch a cartoon after reading it.’ HA! This made me laugh because it makes me think of every Haloween where I act all macho and watch scary movies.. and then end up watching Spongebob until 3am just to calm my bones! xD

    Hmm, sounds like an interesting read, from a writerly POV. I love books that push the boundaries, even if the overall effect isn’t super, it’s still interesting.


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  2. Can’t wait to add it to my list. It describes how I felt after I read That which destroys me by Kimber. S Dawn, I’ve never had a book affect me the way that did. I had to sit in a corner and chant unicorns and rainbows for a few hours

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  3. I wanted the character to have real depth in her pychosis. I needed the reader to get anfry on her behalf. And then I had to leave you stunned. Since your reading, I have hired an editor. The new version has more dialogue and is more powerful because I took care of much of the wordiness that sometimes went on. Thank you so much for your honest review. I was tinkled pink.


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