Throwback to the beginning

For this throwback Thursday I decided to go back and share my first ever book review post, From Rags by Suzanne Wright. Why, you ask? Mainly because I’m not sure anybody actually saw it. No likes and no comments make me a sad panda 😦 Another reason I’m throwbacking to this review is because I absolutely loved the book, and I highly recommend it for any of you looking for a fun and sexy read. So without further ado, enjoy!

Originally posted July 28, 2014.

This book is amazeballs! It contains all of the elements for my conception of the perfect romance novel: long lost friends, an alpha male, and a strong female lead who doesn’t take no crap from nobody. from rags

Jaxxon is a young woman who refuses to let anyone walk all over her. She’s tough, something she had to become as a youngster after her mother committed suicide, and her sister ran away. Her one real friend from foster care, Connor, also left her behind. Jaxxon quickly learned that she can’t rely on anyone in life except for herself. Despite the fact that she completely lost contact with Connor after he left her, she eventually comes to see him everywhere; on television and magazine covers that is. You see, Connor has grown up to become a famous Formula One driver. Don’t they all? She never thought their paths would cross again, but when Jaxxon is thrust into stardom after being offered a modelling job, she is contacted one day by her old friend Connor. Imagine his surprise when instead of welcoming him with open arms, she basically tells him to piss off. Little does she know, Connor won’t take no for an answer. Oh my.

The sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts, and don’t even get me started on the sex itself. Hot damn, I need some ice water over here! Jaxxon and Connor are an amazing couple. They are both pigheaded, stubborn, love to swear and are therefore perfect for each other. Although this book is highly sexual in nature, it’s also funny and yet intense as well. Jaxxon tells it like it is, which is so refreshing in this type of genre. Normally our heroines are shy creatures who are sometimes unsure of their sexuality, or faint when the wind blows too hard, but Jaxxon just goes for it. You don’t want to get in her way. The intensity of the book comes from the fact that Jaxxon has a stalker, and Connor has an ex-girlfriend that simply doesn’t want to go away. Are you intrigued yet?

The story line of this novel is very addictive, from stalkers to long lost love, and even the back story between our two main characters. Jaxxon might be tough, but she’s also fragile and has difficulty letting anyone get close to her, convinced that they will just leave her in the end. After all, that’s what everyone she’s ever loved has done before. The fact that one of the people she loved most in this world has come back into her life throws her for a loop. Can she trust him again, considering that he left her once before? So freakin’ awesome! This is another one of those books that I wish was turned into a series, or at least had a sequel. I want to find out what happens next!!

Series: Nope 😦

Should you read it: Absolutely

Smut Level: So smutty it might even be too hot for the beach.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here


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