Sudden Response by R.L. Mathewson

Oh my God, this book was so goddamn refreshing I don’t even know what to do with myself! There were no billionaires, naughty spankings, sex contracts or people in desperate need of therapy anywhere near this thing. Just two friends who have been straddling the line of becoming something more for years.sudden response

Josephine and Eric have been friends since they were kids, and now that they are all grown up they work together as EMTs. They have an easy rapport back and forth which is adorably hilarious, and I think I had a stupid grin on my face for about 85% of the book. It can’t really be called flirting, but it’s something more than just a brother/sister type of relationship, which would just be gross. The sexual tension between these two has been set to a slow simmer for too long, and eventually it reaches a boiling point that is delicious to behold.

Something that I really enjoyed about this book was that these two life-long friends have been attracted to each other for years. I feel like with most romance novels where friends become lovers, it’s almost as if they just wake up one day and are like, “Oh, you’re hot. Never noticed that before. Wanna have sex?”. However, in Sudden Response these two lovebirds have always pushed their sexual attraction to each other aside so as not to risk their amazing friendship, or working relationship. Silly rabbits, don’t you know that never works? Eric in particular always tried to avoid getting involved with Josephine because he realizes that he hasn’t had the best dating record with women, and would hate to hurt her. Poor guy simply needed to understand that the reason it never worked out with other women is because they were nothing like Josephine. AWE!!! Isn’t that just the sweetest thing that you’d find in a Hallmark card?

This book does sort of string you along to when Eric and Josephine finally do the dirty deed. It definitely teases you throughout with lingering stares, flirty banter, and even a close call on a kitchen table (so not sanitary). Normally, as most of you know, this irritates me to no end. If I have to wait longer than 50% of the book for the lovers to finally get to the lovin’, I tend to deduct some review points. However, I must say this book was an exception to the rule. True, Eric and Josephine don’t practice their own version of mouth to mouth until about 60%, but this book was such a funny and quick read that I didn’t even mind. And of course, once they do get together it is oh so wonderful, and they have quite a few sexually repressed fantasies they both want to act out in explicit detail. Bring it!

It’s official, not only did I love this book, but I can say without a doubt that I am a fan of R.L. Mathewson. The only books I had read of hers up until this point were from the “Neighbor From Hell” series, which I absolutely love. After reading this book I can see that she can create the perfect blend of humor and romance in practically any project she undertakes. I’m definitely hooked, and can’t wait to read more from her.

Series: It says it is, but I think Goodreads is lying to me. This book was published back in 2011, and still doesn’t have a sequel, which is just sad because Josephine has a brother that I’d love to hear more about.

Should you read it? If you don’t like this book then I honestly don’t know what to do with you.

Smut Level: I feel like I need to put myself in an emergency situation just so I can get a sexy EMT like Eric. Hubba hubba.

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