Dirty Trick by Christine Bell

The Halloween season is upon us! Although, can you really call it a season? I was gonna say Holiday, but that didn’t seem right either. Festivities? Anyway, it’s almost Halloween, so to celebrate I decided to dedicate my posts for the week to romance novels featured around the creepy day. After all, nothing screams romance like costumes and trick-or-treating. To kick things off, here’s Dirty Trick!

Oh my, dirty indeed. The “dirty trick” referred to in this title actually has two dirty trickmeanings. The first is our male lead, whose name is Patrick, but he goes by Trick for short, and he has a dirty little mind, that rascal. Ok, I’d like to take a time out here and point out that Trick has got to be one of the douchiest nicknames I’ve ever heard. If I met a guy and he said, “Hey, my name is Patrick, but you can call me Trick”, I’d be like, “Ok, bro, sounds good, I’ll check ya on the flip side, know what I’m saying? Now get the hell outta my way.” Alright, rant finished. The second meaning of the title is that Trick (ugh, what a dumbass name) plays a dirty trick on his best friend Grace, who he’s had a major crush on for ages. She thinks they should just be friends, so he comes up with the plan to wear a costume at a Halloween party which will conceal his identity, and show her that they have a sexual chemistry which goes beyond the lines of friendship. See, he’s a dirty little rascal.

This book was published by Entangled:Brazen, and I have found that whenever you’re in the mood for a quick sexy romance, you are almost guaranteed to find a good one here. Now, this romance definitely had it’s flaws, which I will proceed to outline below, but you’ve got friends who are neighbors that decide to begin a sexual relationship full of dirty talk. What’s not to like? And holy monkeys can these two talk dirty. Well, he can anyway. She has some trouble getting the hang of it in the beginning. Unless of course you find it sexy for a woman to ask her lover to put his cockadoodle in her lady business area. No joke, that’s a direct quote.

My main problems with this book were the logistics of it. Firstly, Trick dons an intricate Halloween mask to appear before Grace as a stranger, so that they can flirt with each other and go a few rounds of hanky panky before eventually revealing his true identity. The guy is your best friend, who also happens to live next door to you, and you have no idea that he’s the one behind the mask? It’s sort of like a superhero scenario. He even adopts a Batman-like voice to try and fool her, but come on already! Wake up and smell the hummus! Mmm, hummus. Now, I can sort of understand how she might not know it was him if they were in a crowded party, it was dark, he had his mask, etc. But eventually they go to a well-lit secluded area to be alone, and she even meets him on another day to do things in a movie theater that you aren’t supposed to do there, and she still has no idea it’s him. The author did try to describe her as a very trusting person, so there was an attempt to make the situation seem more plausible, but I’m still not buying it.

And now for the more concerning issue: when Grace meets this sexy “stranger” at the Halloween party, after only about 5 minutes of chatting they wander off to a secluded sauna (you know, because they are in a mansion that has a sauna) and proceed to have hot, sweaty sex while he’s still wearing his mask. At one point she even tried to take the mask off, but he insisted on keeping it on. Honey, there are only two reasons a guy wouldn’t want to take off his mask during sex 1) he’s terribly scarred, or 2) he wants to make sure you would never be able to identify him in a police lineup! Again, if it was just the one foray into the unknown with a stranger I might be able to understand it, but when they meet for a second time at the movie theater he is wearing a hoodie which hides his face in shadow, and he won’t take it off. GAH! This girl is so trusting she would probably follow a serial killer with a knife into the woods because he said he saw Bambi.

Logistical flaws aside, I actually really liked the story-line. You know me, I’m a sucker for a romance about two friends who become more. Grace had always been attracted to Trick, but always thought of him as a player. Granted, his dirty trick sort of reinforces that assumption, but he just wanted to show her that they belonged together. So cute! Sure, Grace is pissed when she finally discovers the truth, but we all know they’ll get together eventually. I mean, he’s her best friend 🙂 He’s also a member of a SWAT team, which is just so freakin’ sexy.

Series: Perfectly Matched series, book 1. I must say I am intrigued for the second book, as it involves Grace’s colleague who always seems to speak her mind.

Should you read it? I finished it in a day, so it’s a quick read, and it might even put you in the Halloween spirit. Maybe even inspire you to play a dirty trick of your own 😉

Smut Level: We’ve got sauna sex, dirty talk, movie theater shenanigans, more dirty talk, and some sweet sweet lovin. Like I said, it just screams Halloween.

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