Taming His Tutor by Natalie Anderson

Good God there are so many repressed teenage sexual fantasies coming true all over this book, how can you not love it? Abbi has always been a bit of a nerd, ever since her high school days as the social outcast with her nose constantly stuck in a book. She grows up to become something of a computer guru, and sets out to design an App that will help turn any woman into a sexy vixen. There’s just one problem: she’s no vixen. Good thing she bumps into an old acquaintance from high school who is more than willing to teach her a thing or two when it comes to enticing a man. Joe can’t believe his good fortune when he runs into his formerly shy math tutor, and realizes that she needs some tutoring of her own in the bedroom. He proposes that they engage in six tutoring lessons where he’ll teach Abbi all she’ll need to know before launching her Vixen App. The question is, will six lessons be enough for either of them?

The answer to this question is: hell no! They’ve both wanted each other since high school!! Now that they finally have the opportunity to indulge in taming his tutorwhat they’ve dreamed of doing since their hormones first emerged, it’s gonna take them a while to work through every sexual position they can think of. Abbi always had a crush on Joe, but just assumed that he was way out of her league. After all, why would the hot shot of the high school fall for his geeky math tutor who also likes to play with Legos in her spare time? On the other hand, Joe always saw the hidden beauty behind Abbi, and never thought she’d waste her time on a foster-kid like him. Aww, if only the two had expressed their mutual attraction for each other sooner, well…we probably wouldn’t have this book. Ok Joe and Abbi, good thinking in keeping your sexual fantasies to yourselves for so many years, it definitely made for a more interesting read.

I really enjoyed this storyline. One of my favorite aspects was that both characters had their own issues to work through, not just Abbi. In reading the summary of this book, it sort of seemed like the majority of the novel would be focused on Joe having to push Abbi outside of her geeky comfort zone into voicing what she really wanted from a lover in the bedroom. In part, that was true. However, another large part of the story dealt with Joe and his own insecurities. Sure, he was one of the most popular students in high school, grew up to become a professional basketball player, and could probably have any girl he wanted with simply the crook of his finger. But he grew up in foster care. His mother abandoned him, his sister refused to confide in him, and his foster family barely tolerated his presence. Why would someone as wonderful and accomplished as Abbi want to stick around with him long-term? This is why he limits their tutoring sessions to six: he avoids commitment before someone else can leave him. Poor wittle baby! I’ll make you feel wanted you sexy thang! Another aspect of this book that I appreciated was how Joe always thought Abbi was beautiful. It wasn’t like they serendipitously ran into each other one day and he was like, “Oh, you’re hot. Let’s get it on!” Joe knew back then that Abbi was special, and he can’t wait to see the sexy curves that she’s been hiding under that over-sized scarf she always used to wear. The fact that he then uses that scarf in one of their “lessons” to tie her up is just one of the many fantasies he finally gets to indulge in.

I must say that the description of the book was a bit misleading. When they talk about perfecting her Vixen App, I thought it meant that Joe would be teaching her some new positions, a la kama sutra, and maybe have some tips and advice for how you can finally get the man you’ve always wanted. Yeah, not so much. Basically, Joe gets so excited when they meet for each lesson that they just go at it like rabbits. There’s no real tutoring going on. Sure they have scheduled lesson times (kind of), and they are sexy as hell, but Joe really isn’t a very good tutor. You can tell he did no preparation or planning ahead of time. He just sort of shows up and decides in the moment what they’ll focus on that day. I mean, shouldn’t you have an outline or something? Is there a mid-term progress report so Abbi knows if she’s on the right track to succeed in the final exam? Is there a final exam?! Has anybody discovered the best font to use when writing sarcastic comments?!?!

As you can tell, the fact that my biggest complaint with this novel was that Joe’s lesson plans weren’t organized enough means that it was a pretty enjoyable book overall. It sort of makes you think back to your own high school crush, and wonder what you’d do if you ran into them again. What’s really sad is that I’m only 25, and try as I might I couldn’t actually remember who my big crush was in high school. Talk about a bad memory! Although, if I ever did run into that person I can practically guarantee that I’d act like a nervous bumbling idiot. Maybe I need to find my very own Vixen App to teach me a thing or two!

Series: Nope. It’s a very satisfying stand-alone novel.

Should you read it? Yeah! It’s a quick, delightful read. Not the greatest romance ever, but I’d say it’s a great book to take to the beach.

Smut Level: She taught him math, so he teachers her sex. Seems fair. He also ties her up with the scarf she wore to every tutoring session in high school! Like I said, so many teenage fantasies finally coming true for these two. Love it!!

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6 thoughts on “Taming His Tutor by Natalie Anderson

  1. This definitely sounds like a great read. I always love it “sex training” stories and high school crushes reunite stories. And I love your post too! I can see why his lack of planning and outlining would make him a bad teacher :-).

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  2. I was laughing so much. It reminds me of a book by Bella Andre where in an erotic author is going to be a mentor and buy another more accomplished erotic author. I think the name of the book was Ecstasy. However, in that book the “lessons” were more thought out.
    I am glad that this is not a book about a barely legal guy seducing his tutor.


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