Not Planning on You by Sydney Landon

Well, this one was definitely better than the first book in the series, Weekends Required, but that’s not really saying much. You know how some people say they can never not finish a book? I’m starting to realize that I’m the kind of person who can’t not finish a series. I have now finished two books from the “Danvers” series, both were lackluster reads, and yet I can’t bring myself to not read the next one at some point. Maybe I’ll have to stick to the three strikes and you’re out rule. You hear me Sydney Landon? I’m giving you one more chance to wow me before I give up on this series completely! Maybe…probably…oh hell I need help.not planning on you

Ever since the corporate merger at the company Suzy works for she has been having trouble refusing the advances of the new CEO, Grayson Merimon. Why has she been constantly turning him away? Hell if I know! He’s handsome, wealthy, totally into her, and has made it quite clear that he wants to ravage her body. Yeah, sounds like something you’d really want to avoid. Puh-lease! I guess if it didn’t work out it could make office interaction awkward, but I don’t even think this was one of Suzy’s main reasons for always pushing Gray away. After almost a whole year of saying no, Suzy finally decides to give-in to her attraction for the sex in a suit CEO, but of course only for one night. You gotta give it to Gray, the dude has the patience of a monk!

This book had a much larger build-up of sexual tension than Weekends Required, which was kind of frustrating. There was definitely a tease going on here, considering that it was very early on in the book that Suzy decides to have her one night with Gray. But alas, on the evening of their intended sexual romp, Suzy falls down a flight of stairs and breaks her ankle, thereby preventing any physical extra-curricular activities with Gray for quite some time. So close! Seriously, Gray deserves a freakin’ medal for all the waiting he has to do. Consider this a lesson to all women who wear heels that are way too high for practicality: they could postpone your sexual fun with a sexy businessman.

I have two major complaints with this book. The first relates to the writing style. It sounds weird, but it was almost written too well. I noticed this in the first book as well. The grammar is just too perfect, to a point where it made it sound like the characters were from the 19th century. In my opinion, it was sort of unrealistic to have two people in this day and age speaking so formally with each other. It also made the eventual dirty talk extremely unenjoyable. I just think it’s weird to read dirty talk and think I’m in English class. Although, that would make for a very interesting English class. I might actually pay attention.

And now for my second complaint, and biggest problem with the book: the stalker side story. Normally, I have no problem with this kind of side story. If anything it adds a lot of suspense to the book, and makes for a more interesting read than just a story about two people falling in love. The issue with the stalker story in this novel was that it had such potential, but it completely fell apart at the end. Basically, Gray slept with a woman a few months before getting together with Suzy, and she’s refusing to let him go. I’m talking harassing phone calls, text messages, and she even claims that Gray is the father of her unborn child (which we all know isn’t true, come on!). In a word, the bitch is crazy. She makes things ridiculously rocky for our couple, and even results in them breaking up for quite some time. Personally, I would have called the cops about 100 pages ago, and given the girl an old-fashioned bitch-slap or two. Maybe ten. At the very end of the book this stalker slut comes to Suzy, and says that she was actually impregnated by a security guard she was in love with, but because her wealthy parents would never approve of their precious daughter ending up with such a low-life she decided to frame Gray as the father. Suzy just says, “Well, you’ve made things difficult for us, but it sounds like you were under a lot of pressure.” Excuse me? That’s it?!?!?! I’m sorry, but people would have had to hold me back from this woman! I would have been like, “You made my life hell you stupid biatch! Now get out of my face, grow a pair of balls, and face your parents like a grown up!” Wow, I might have some anger issues.

Series: Danvers series, book 2. I can’t help it! The blurbs of the books in this series just suck me in, and then spit me out like unwanted gum from a gumball machine. You know, the ones where the flavor lasts like 30 seconds. Even if you know it won’t be good, you just can’t help yourself from giving it a try.

Should you read it? Don’t make the mistake I made and get drawn into this series. Sure, they aren’t terrible, but there are much better series out there to become addicted to.

Smut Level: Meh, nothing too memorable.

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