Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I realize that not all of you celebrate Thanksgiving, but I figured I’d send out some well wishes for all of you who, like me, will be spending today eating an inordinate amount of food which you will come to regret in the morning. Oh, and also take a moment or two to say what you’re thankful for. And once that sentimental gushiness is out of the way we’ll all just turn around to consume yet another slice of apple pie. But before I start expanding my waist-line so that I can stay warm for the winter (that’s the excuse I like to give before going for a second helping of turkey), I’d just like to say that in addition to being thankful for all of my family and friends this year, I’m also thankful for all of you! If it wasn’t for all of your continued support, likes and comments in the past few months, I probably wouldn’t still find so much enjoyment with every post I make. So thanks you guys! I hope you’ll keep coming back for more. Now where the hell is that turkey!!


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