Best Website Idea Ever!

romance and smutI’ve been reading a lot of contemporary romance novels lately, and have sort of been in the mood to read something different, specifically a historical romance. However, I don’t really like that the majority of historical romance novels I always seem to come across are set in the Victorian era and feature a young blushing virgin falling in love with a handsome, devilish “rake”. It’s basically the same plot line over and over again. Ever since I started reading romance books I’ve always thought to myself that there should be a website where you can input exactly what you’re looking for, but also what you’re not looking for. For example, I really want to read a historical romance, not set in the Victorian era, with no virgin heroine, and an alpha male hero who isn’t a vampire (I’m all about the alpha males). Did you know that there is actually a website where you can do that?!?!

Welcome to, aka a website designed after my own heart. This is undoubtedly one of the best ideas for a romance book website ever. I also love the name! You can pretty much tailor your smutty book search to whichever themes or tropes you love best. There is also a short summary provided for each book, and mentions whether or not it is part of a series. Before this I always looked to the listopia section of Goodreads for my next book of choice, but found that their lists can be ridiculously long, and sometimes the books contain elements that I don’t like. On romanceandsmut you can filter out the subjects which either don’t interest you, or could even have triggering effects. In my opinion one of the best features of the site is that you can choose to not include books in your search which contain elements of rape or abuse. You have to be careful though, because I’ve found that it can be kind of addictive clicking around in all the different topics, and seeing how much you can really narrow down your search. OMG, I just found out that there is an occupation section for the heroes, and you can see how many books contain men in uniform, rock stars, highlanders, etc. GAH!! Looks like Christmas came early for me!

The website does have some areas which could be improved. The “Best of Lists” tab is a little short, but that definitely isn’t a deal breaker. It’s also kind of refreshing compared to Goodreads. Maybe I’ll have to make a few list suggestions of my own! In addition, you kind of have to get used to adding and eliminating the different themes, so it takes some practice. There is also one theme/trope that I don’t think is included on the main page, and would love if it were. That would be to search for books which aren’t part of a series. Sometimes I just want to read one book, and not get sucked into a trilogy or series with a never-ending list of characters and plot lines. Oh, I also hate books that have cliffhanger endings! I do love though that most of the books link directly to, so if you find one you like you can immediately add it to your wish list. If you have a minute, I definitely suggest you head on over to and do some clicking!

13 thoughts on “Best Website Idea Ever!

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for blogging this. I am definitely going to head over there and check it out. As an author, my first thought was “Wow. I’d love to get a hold of the database to see what’s requested the most often.” Great post!


  2. I’ve been looking for a site like this! A quick look doesn’t show exactly what I need… I have a thing about romances with historians in them, but there’s no “academic” occupation setting or anything like that, and there’s no occupation dropdown for the heroine. I see a choice for “alpha male” but nothing for “geek” or even “beta male,” all the options seem to lean alpha (with “bad boy” and “millionaire” and what-have-you). But it’ll still be super handy and maybe they’ll add some more options.

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      • Finding historians is always difficult because search terms always lead to historical romance, which I like, but isn’t hard to find if “historical” is all I want. 🙂

        I’ve also just discovered I can exclude elements, so I can always just exclude “alpha male” since that isn’t my thing. Doomed to search for historian romances the rest of my life, though, lol.


      • Have you ever read any of the elizabeth peters books? They are more mystery, but they have some romance (very clean), and they are based around egyptian history. First one is called crocodile on the sandbank and it’s a quick read. I loved them, and the main guy isnt what i’d call alpha, just dashing. Swoon!!


      • They’re on my TBR list, but I wasn’t sure how romance-y they actually were. I’ll definitely give it a try! (I like some smut, but it isn’t mandatory. 😉 )

        To return the recommendation favor: You might like the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig, if you haven’t tried them already. One of my favorites, historical but with a light tone, heat but not a LOT of it, and lots of dashing spies.


  3. OMG, I’m in love with this site! Thank you!! 😀 😀

    I’m reading the same kind too, historical romances.. So did you find the type of books you were searching for??


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