All I Want is You by E.L. Todd

all i want is youThis book may be called All I Want is You, but all I want is to figure out who the hell is actually related to whom in this thing! Technically this is the first installment in the Forever and Ever Series, but soon after starting this novel it was clearly evident that I was missing something. Certain characters were referenced, and different scenarios were mentioned with the implication that I should already know what was being discussed. Turns out this series is actually the sequel to the Forever and Always series, and follows the children of the couples from the previous series. There were a lot of couples, and they had a crap ton of children. I really had trouble keeping everyone straight. On top of all that, some of the couples referenced from the first series were really close friends while others were actually blood relatives, so all of the children are referred to as cousins, and everyone else as aunts and uncles. Therefore, when I read that one of the characters had the hots for another, and he called her dad “Uncle Sean” a few pages ago, I questioned what kind of incestuous web I was getting myself into.

Don’t worry, they aren’t actually related! But my God it was hard to follow who was! This book references about four different families who were present in the original series, and all of their children are now friends. I actually considered stopping this book in order to read the previous books and find out who was whom, but considering the Forever and Always series consists of over 20 novels, I figured I might as well trudge along and assume that the author wasn’t going to depict any hot cousin-on-cousin action. I think I just threw up a little bit. Yuck! Although it really isn’t necessary to read the other books first, I think a family tree of everyone involved would have been a real lifesaver. No joke. Another trick I found to be helpful was to read the summaries of all the previous books so that you have a reference point for past story lines.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details of our couple, shall we? Cayson and Skye have been best friends forever. But pretty much ever since puberty Cayson has had a major crush on her, and his feelings have only grown deeper throughout the years. He’s always kept his feelings for her a secret, and it seems he’s reached the end of his rope.That all changes one night at a party when Skye gets tipsy, as most college girls are wont to do, and gets a little frisky with Cayson in the bedroom. Does this mean that Skye has deeper feelings for Cayson as well, and that all of his repressed wet dreams are about to come true?

Um, the answer to that is a resounding no. The summary of the book mentioned this drunken party, and I feel like I waited for it to come around for-ev-er!! They go to so many parties, and with each one I thought, “Oh, is this the one?” Nope. “She had a drink, but she’s not quite tipsy yet.” Nope. “Well maybe this one…” NOPE! When we finally get to the party where she gets drunk, and her feelings supposedly change, we are halfway through the book and nothing even happens! Sure she kisses on him and asks him to sleep with her, but he refuses (thank God!) and the next day she doesn’t remember any of it! Cayson then decides that he’s tired of waiting around for her to fall in love with him, so he goes on the rebound. It’s only when he starts to distance himself from her that Skye starts to realize how much more Cayson means to her. There is so much build-up in this book, and considering that the previous series was over 20 books I was afraid that Cayson and Skye wouldn’t actually get together until a later novel in the series. But alas! Over 300 pages in and they finally wake up and jump into bed together for a rather lackluster love session.

Honestly, the majority of the children in this book annoyed the hell out of me. Skye has terrible taste in men, and Cayson continues to sleep with his rebound (and invite her to Thanksgiving dinner!) even though he has no intention of ever having a real relationship with her. Dude, cut her loose already! She was really nice though, so I hope she comes back in a later novel. My favorite characters were actually the parents, which makes me think that maybe I should go back and read the Forever and Always series. I think it also would have helped me have more of an emotional connection to the characters, as Skye’s father is prominently featured in this book, and he makes multiple references to events which happened in the past that influenced his over-protective behavior. On another note, these parents may have been getting up there in age, but damn! Old people got game, and they aren’t afraid to admit it! You go old folks! Just be sure to stretch thoroughly before any and all sexual activities to prevent the busting of a hip.

All in all, at 350 pages this book was a tad too long for my taste, especially considering that our two main characters don’t get together until the last minute. However, there were some other characters who were hilarious, and I think they will be featured in future books, so this series does intrigue me. Skye’s cousin Slade was particularly hilarious, crude and had an extremely random and wandering train of thought. Reminds me of me! There was some delightful sexual chemistry between him and another character, and I’d love to see how their story plays out. I’m also about 67% sure that they aren’t related.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Forever and Ever series, book 1, sequel to 20+ books of the Forever and Always series.

Should You Read It? This one’s really a toss up. If you’ve read the previous series I’d say go for it, you’ll probably love it. But if you haven’t you might be a bit lost at times. Also, the prolonged wait of Cayson and Skye’s romantic coupling was kind of excruciating. Hm, romantic coupling. I like that.

Smut Level: Bah humbug. Some, but not as much as I usually like.

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