Echoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young

It’s official, I am absolutely addicted to the On Dublin Street series, and I’ve finally come to understand why. Samantha Young is an expert at developing sexual tension. You know how in most romance novels, the heroine will always mention how she feels a tingle of electricity whenever her love interest enters a room, or when he happens to touch her hand? Well, in these books you as the reader also feel that connection. All it takes is a descriptive scene about how the two lovebirds glance at each other across a room, and the hairs on my arms stand on end. Don’t even get me started about what happens when they finally have sex! Hubba dubba bubba!!

echoesShannon just got out of a bad relationship after a long string of bad relationships, and she has vowed to swear off all men of the bad boy variety. You know the ones. The guys who don’t just look at you, but smolder, and their body is a canvas of artistic tattoos. That’s right, Shannon is done with that type of guy because she knows it will undoubtedly lead to heartbreak. So it was probably a dumbass move for her to start working in a tattoo parlor. It should come as no surprise that she feels weak in the knees towards her coworker, Cole Walker, especially considering the two met once a long time ago outside her grandmother’s house on Scotland Street. Although they only exchanged a few words and some flirtatious looks during that one incident as teenagers, they immediately recognize each other at the tattoo parlor, and both have difficulty fighting the urge to explore all of those repressed teenage hormones. Fight it all you want you silly bunnies, we all know it’s only a matter of time. Tee hee, giggle giggle.

Believe it or not, this was not one of my favorite books in the On Dublin Street series. I think the main reason for this was because when I read it I had just finished about three books beforehand which dealt with a woman coming out of an abusive relationship, and it was kind of depressing to read another one. That being said, the book was still really good, and I love the fact that Samantha Young always brings back the characters from her previous novels. She also has the ability to make all of her main characters so damn likable that you just want to go out and have a pint with all of them. I think another contributing factor to this not being my favorite Dublin Street book was the fact that Cole was kind of pushy. Shannon is sort of reserved with him at first, and doesn’t want to rush into anything considering his bad-boy image. He takes offense to her basically judging a book by its cover, and thinks that she should trust him more. If you have read the other Dublin Street books up to this point you pretty much know that Cole is a little teddy bear of perfection and supportive wonderfulness, but Shannon doesn’t know that! Dude, she just got out of a demeaning and ultimately abusive relationship, you can’t exactly fault the poor girl for being cautious.

Another compliment to Samantha Young’s writing style is her ability to make you feel an overwhelming amount of emotion towards her characters. You can’t help but feel bad for Shannon, considering that when her ex-boyfriend treated her face like a punching bag her brother went all Fight Club on his ass and ended up in prison for defending her. The rest of her family actually blames her for the fact that he’s locked up, saying that she should have been able to tell that her boyfriend was no good from the start. Shannon can’t even bring herself to visit her brother in prison for fear of the blame and guilt which he could lay upon her. I’m sorry, but her family is a bunch of assholes, excluding her brother of course. Predictably, he doesn’t blame her at all, and would do it all over again if given the chance. See what I mean? So much emotion!!

Series: On Dublin Street series, book 5. I never want this series to end.

Should you read it? Absolutely.

Smut Level: In addition to the build-up of sexual tension, you can always count on Ms. Young to break that tension with some of the sexiest and most descriptive sex scenes ever! There is a fine line between too much sexual tension that you just get frustrated, and not enough to where you question whether or not the relationship in question is just about sex. This book is the perfect balance where you can’t wait for the characters to rip their clothes off, but you also feel like their relationship will last.

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