Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan

Hard to love? More like hard not to love! This book had some amazing characters, a lot of alpha-male possessiveness, and one of the most adorable meet-cutes ever! Alexa is a young nurse, and she helps Cade who was admitted to the emergency room with a BIG problem. You see, he’s a porn actor whose erection won’t go away because his director gave him a little blue pill on set. I’m telling ya, that’s a romantic coupling for the history books. Or Playboy magazine, either way.

hardCade was undoubtedly my favorite character in this book. He may have a tough exterior, but he’s actually a sweetie-pie who loves his younger sister. Although he’s a porn actor, he’s not a porn star. The only reason he’s decided to get involved in the “industry” is because his little sister has some very expensive health problems. He realizes that by starring in a few films he’ll be able to pay for all of her expenses, and get them out of debt. Aw, what a caring older brother. Is this plot-line completely far-fetched? Absolutely, but I couldn’t help but love it. I really liked that Cade wasn’t some sex-addicted porn star, but rather had an ulterior motive of trying to help his sister, who he was solely responsible for. He’s like a sexy onion, with so many layers to peel away before you are rewarded with his hot bare body and six-pack abs. Aaaaand, I’ve started to drool.

One of my favorite features about wordpress is that you can view the terms that people search for which ultimately lead them to your blog. I figured the top searches would be romance novels, or beach reads, but oh no. The repeating theme that you all seem to search for is jealous alpha male boyfriends who are possessive. Well then, if you all want possessive alpha males then this is definitely the book for you. And also, holy dirty talk! Consider yourself warned that the intimate scenes in this book are hella raunchy. Cade might not be an experienced porn star, but it appears he’s taken a few notes along the way because he is all kinds of a dirty talkin’ expert. It sort of makes the Caribbean look like a winter ski resort. Feeling hot hot hot!

Now, unfortunate erection meeting aside, I really enjoyed the rest of the story going on here as well. I’ve noticed with a lot of romance novels that the hero and heroine undoubtedly have some kind of kerfuffle towards the end of the book, which they ultimately overcome, but the argument in question is often something silly that poses a ridiculous delay to their relationship. I feel like I’m often wont to scream out, “oh get over it already!” But in this book our two lead characters actually have some legitimate reasons to get upset with each other. I mean, Alexa’s family is ridiculously wealthy and they all treat Cade like crap. Might make future Christmas dinners a bit awkward. On the other hand, although Cade and Alexa are dating, he chooses to sleep with other women whom he cares nothing for as part of his job. I could see how both these issues would cause some anxiety and shouting matches.

As you can tell by this point, I really enjoyed this book. That being said, it wasn’t without its faults. Firstly, Cade is able to pay off all his sister’s medical expenses just by starring in about 2 or 3 porn videos. I have a feeling that if he had simply started an online campaign, or Facebook page, he probably would have been able to raise enough money without having to whore out his body. But then he never would have met Alexa, and they wouldn’t have fallen in wuv! Second issue: Alexa watches Cade’s videos online. Multiple times. Over, and over, and over again. That’s just not ok. Other than these minor logistical and icky issues, I couldn’t help but love this book.

Series: No, which is so disappointing! It was such a quick read that I couldn’t put down, and I want more!

Should you read it? Yes, yes, yes. So much alpha-maleness! A perfect beach read. But be prepared for some naughty dirty talk too. I realize it’s not for everyone.

Smut Level: Humina yumina YES! Wonderfully smutty, yet underneath it all it’s surprisingly charming and sweet.

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