Romantic Heart Beats by Alexandra Isobel

So I woke up earlier than I wanted to last Sunday, and thought it would be fun to have a lazy morning in bed with a sweet romance novel. I was looking through the hundreds of books on my Kindle when this little number caught my eye, and considering it was a novella I figured it’d be something I could breeze through on this lovely lazy Sunday. The first page opens with gunfire, and then proceeds with explosions, body parts flying everywhere and an intense chase scene. Well…so much for my relaxing morning. romantic

Even though this novella didn’t exactly start off how I was expecting/hoping it would, it was actually a very interesting and enjoyable read. This really surprised me because the book is composed of three short stories, and in the past I haven’t had the best of luck with novellas in this kind of format. It always seems you don’t have enough time to really connect with the characters. Although these were good, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll turn into full-length novels one day, because I wanted more, more, MORE! Sorry, all that extensive gunfire and running got me really pumped!

Each story follows a different couple, but there is a common theme stringing them all together in that the male leads are part of the Chimera Team, which is an elite team of soldiers within the Canadian Armed Forces. Go Canada! I may be an American, but I went to a Canadian university for 4 years, so I have a definite soft spot for Canada. Each story is unique, but rest assured that all of these soldiers are well-built (abs and bulging muscles are mentioned multiple times), possessive, and consistently have a ridiculous amount of pent up adrenaline that they need to work off. Enter our female leads.

The first story in this novella was the most action-packed by far, and definitely my favorite of the whole bunch. It takes place during a rebel uprising in Indonesia, and our beloved heroine is trying to get to safety with her muscle-bulging security specialist, Mercury. Honestly, his name was probably one of my least favorite things about this story. Other than that, it was very suspenseful, and I loved that although he was her protector she was a strong character as well. She didn’t let her strong-willed mother dictate her future for her, and instead chose to take a chance with the burly hunk of man pulling her through the city sewers to get to freedom. When I first started reading this story I questioned how the hell the author was going to fit in a steamy love scene considering our two lead characters were on the run for their lives. I must say though, it was very well done in that our female lead thinks back on the night before when they first danced the horizontal mambo, and wonders what will happen if they ever make it out alive. My one complaint with this story was that it ended pretty abruptly, and was just too dang short. Unlike most romantic short stories it was easy to connect with these characters, and I wanted to find out more about their history together, and hopefully their future as a couple. Should the author ever turn this into a full length novel I am definitely getting myself a copy.

Our second story deals with a soldier and a woman he’s known since childhood. They fall off a ledge into some water, proceed to get out through a cave, and whilst they are wringing out their clothes they get a little frisky. Fast forward a day and the two get downright raunchy. Overall this was probably my least favorite, mainly because the timeline was a little confusing, and their love scene wasn’t my favorite. The last story was really good, and you see that all of the soldiers from these stories are on the same Special Ops team. It was sort of an, “Aw, ain’t that sweet” kind of moment. This last story was probably the most emotional because our hero falls in love with the widow of one of his fallen teammates, who asked that he look after his wife and kids after he died. However, years later our soldier still feels a sense of hesitancy making a move. Spoiler alert: don’t worry, he makes a move. Takes her right up against a door and everything.

Every story in this novella is sexy, sweet, and I think each guy refers to his woman as “mine” at least once. Gotta love it. I think I would have liked though if at least one story followed a Special Ops team member who was a woman. It would have been interesting to have such a strong female character, which a lot of readers seem to be looking for these days. Although, I really don’t know if they have women soldiers in the Canadian Special Ops, but you catch my drift. One thing that wasn’t really addressed in any of these short stories was how hard it could be for these women to enter into relationships with men who go on missions which last for months, and when they return they can’t say anything about the horrors they’ve witnessed. Because each story showed us the start of the relationships, we don’t necessarily know what they’ll look like two or three years down the road, if they even make it that long. This is definitely the type of issue which would need to be explained in a full-length novel, and I’m sitting here with all of my fingers and toes crossed that we’ll get to see them one day.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Nada

Should you read it? I finished it in about an hour and a half, so it definitely won’t take you very long. If you really like romance novels featuring soldiers than I’d say this is a good opportunity to read something in a different format.

Smut Level: These boys are well-trained and strong, which means they have plenty of muscle to lift up their women and do all sorts of naughty things with them.

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