At His Pleasure: Addie Learns the Ropes by Emme Salt

Well that was…graphic. Like, shockingly so. Like, it should probably be sold in brown paper wrapping in the book store. I have a Kindle and probably would have been embarrassed to read this in public should anybody have glimpsed what was written on the screen.

addieAddie just graduated from high school and is nervous to start her summer internship with a billionaire acquaintance of her father. She doesn’t really know Mr. Banks very well, but she quickly finds out that he is strict and strikingly handsome. One night while burning the midnight oil at the office, Addie does some accidental snooping on Mr. Banks’ computer to find a file filled with bondage photos and videos. So she does what any normal blooded teenager WOULDN’T do, and starts pleasuring herself right in his desk chair. And who do you think should walk in on her right when she’s finishing up? If you don’t see where this is going then I feel sorry for you. In strolls Mr. Banks, and what follows is an office relationship filled with descriptively naughty sex, a possessive master, and some oddly pornographic pet names.

The biggest issue I had with this book was kind of a silly one, but I simply couldn’t get over their age difference. She’s only 18, aka barely legal, and he’s over twice her age. Oddly enough I don’t think it would have bothered me as much if they had just engaged in a mutually loving and passionate romance, but the fact that bdsm was involved with references to master and slave made it seem more pedophile-like to me. When I first learned about their age gap I tried to picture a famous couple, or TV relationship involving a dashing older man and younger woman that I didn’t find so icky. Because Friends has recently been added to Netflix, and I find myself in a nightly marathon of sorts, the first couple that came to mind was Monica and Richard from the show (Courtney Cox and Tom Selleck). But then Mr. Banks started calling her a dirty slut, and Addie called him daddy, and I immediately had to get the image of Monica and Richard out of my head as soon as possible. I hope it doesn’t cause too much long-term damage to my future Friends watching.

As you can tell by their terms of endearment, this book takes raunchy to a whole new level. I always thought that pet names were kind of silly, but after reading what these two call each other in the bedroom I’d take honey bunch and sweetie-pie over dirty slut any day. Stranger than that though was the fact that Addie never called Mr. Banks by his first name. At one point she thinks about calling him Jon, but then realizes he’ll always be Mr. Banks to her. That’s just, huh? Personally, I thought it was a bit much at times, but if you’re looking for significantly descriptive sex scenes to get you all hot and bothered then by all means have at it. Most of you know by this point that I like my books with some dirty talk and smut, but this one had the ability to make me slightly uncomfortable. It definitely falls more towards the erotica category than romance, and I’d say even straddles the porn line. There’s spanking, bondage, teasing, a plethora of jobs (not of the internship variety), a decent amount of porn watching, and let’s just say he likes to mark her in a very particular way. Bodily fluids are involved. Shower anyone?

Aside from the age difference, my other main complaint was their actual relationship. In my opinion, it revolved entirely around sex, and lacked any really substance or connection on a deeper emotional level. They literally did not have one meaningful conversation before, or even after, they said I love you. This sort of made it difficult to really like either character. It seemed like he was just looking for a young hot piece of intern ass to pass the time, and as for Addie…I couldn’t really understand her thought processes. The best example of this is when she finds out that her father basically offered her to Mr. Banks on a silver platter under the guise of an internship. Mr. Banks bailed her dad out of a huge debt, and as payback he pretty much just gave the man access to his daughter. When Addie first makes this discovery she is distraught, and angry at both of these men. For about 5 minutes. Then Mr. Banks has sex with her in a rather harsh manner, gives her his credit card to go shopping for anything she wants, and she says how her life is like a fairytale with one hell of a prince. Say what now girlfriend? Your boss and pseudo boyfriend accepted you as a form of repayment for getting your dad out of 1 million dollars worth of debt, and you think your life is a fairytale? Is there some f$%cked-up version of Cinderella I’m not aware of?

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Billionaire Bondage Erotica series, book 1

Should you read it? This book is steamy and filled to bursting with erotic sexual acts. Definitely not for the faint of heart, or those looking for an emotional romance.

Smut Level: If you were to read this on the beach you would spontaneously combust from all the heat.

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5 thoughts on “At His Pleasure: Addie Learns the Ropes by Emme Salt

  1. I’ve not read this but the daddy thing you mentioned is definitely weird. Dirty Talk and some smut is fine but from your review it seems this book takes it to another level, it doesn’t seem like one I’ll like. Great review šŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t understand why names like “dirty slut” are a turn on for some girls. It just seems degrading.
    I think your review of this book is similar to what I would have said if I read it based on your synopsis of what the book is about. You detail some of the same issues that I have had with other books with the same trope.


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