Lie to Me by Bethany Bazile

lie to meOh snap, crackle, pop! shit is going down in this book! In the previous two novels of this series we see how Xander continues to build on the lies and secrets he’s keeping from Avery, but in this final installment his entire bubble of deception pops in an epic emotional breakdown. And poor Avery discovers all of these secrets in the exact same day. If that situation doesn’t warrant calling up your girlfriends to get drunk on cosmopolitans well then I don’t know what does!

If you haven’t read my reviews of the first two books, well then get on it already! Just kidding, but you should at least read their summaries before proceeding with the rest of this review so you know who is who, what is what, and who is screwing (over) who. Or you can just go ahead and read my reviews of Insomnia (book one) and Underneath it All (book 2). On the other hand, if you’re still reading this series yourself then you probably shouldn’t continue on with the rest of this review until you’re done.

So it appears that all is bright and cheery in Avery and Xander land, but Xander has been a naughty boy keeping a myriad of secrets from his beloved girlfriend. In the past, I have found that whenever one character keeps a profound secret from another in a romance novel, 9 times out of 10 it’s pretty stupid and nothing to get so worked up over. Whenever the secret is uncovered our heroine or hero (it’s not just the females!) get all pissy and you just have the urge to scream, “Get over it already!” But in this series you can’t help but admit that Avery has some legit reasons to hold a grudge. She learns that her foster sister Ellie has been stripping as a means to earn a little extra cash, and it was through this frowned-upon profession that Ellie slept with Xander. I’d say that’s more a strike against Ellie considering her secret dancing career, but the fact that both she and Xander kept this from Avery should earn them both a slap in the face. Who would have thought that this deception was peanuts and crackerjacks compared to the big kahuna of all secrets. Drum roll please!

Here we go! Xander was previously married to a woman named Jessica, and when he found out that she was having an affair with his brother Ian, well he didn’t take it so well. He proceeded to get drunk, as well as high, and get in a car with his cheating wife. In the heat of their argument, Xander veers their car into oncoming traffic and gets in a terrible accident which results in Jessica’s death. We as the readers uncovered this little secret in a previous book, and realized that it was this incident which led to all of Xander’s nightmares. It’s also why he sought out Avery in the first place for help with his insomnia. Turns out there is an added twist to this whole story. When Xander veered his car into oncoming traffic, he actually hit the car carrying Avery’s mother and father, which is how they died in the first place, and how Avery ended up in foster care all those years ago. Whaaaaa???? You would need a whole week’s worth of a Dr. Phil special to get over that one!

So yeah, I’d say Avery has an actual, legitimate reason to be pissed at Xander. He killed her parents! Her response to uncovering all of these secrets is exactly the same as what I would’ve done: she gets wasted and holds a grudge against everyone. Hell, she’s even pissed at Xander’s mother because she knew about all of these secrets, and sought out Avery when she was younger to make sure that she was taken care of. What’s that saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, in Xander’s case it’s also paved with lies, drugs, alcohol, and an inordinate amount of sex.

This book was definitely less smutty than the other two, but for good reason. After all, when you’re holding such a big grudge you can’t exactly get all hot and bothered by your lying boyfriend. Although, technically she still does a time or two, leading to some angry and passionate sex, but we’ll just let that slide. I must say though that it was so interesting to see the culmination of events in this series that you really don’t notice or mind that there wasn’t as much dirty talking or snuggle lovin’ going on. Definitely have some bigger things going on here.

Looking back on the whole series I think my favorite book would have to be the second one. It’s hot and steamy, yet also has a very interesting side story going on because we discover the majority of Xander’s secrets even though Avery is kept in the dark throughout the entirety of the novel. However, you also can’t help but feel sorry for Xander on top of everything because his reasoning for keeping these things from Avery is understandable; he knows that Avery will leave him and hate him as soon as she discovers the truth. He just wants to hold onto her for as long as possible. Awwwww! Also pretty selfish, but still, awwww! The one character I really didn’t know how to handle in this series was Xander’s brother, Ian. For the majority of the series Ian always had it out for Xander, and did everything in his power to undermine him. The two were so competitive they should have saved themselves the trouble and just whipped out their willies and measured. Interesting visual. Anyway, in this last book, Ian suddenly changed his tune and wanted to fix his broken relationship with his brother. Don’t get me wrong, that’s good and all, but we don’t really see why he had this last minute change of heart.

Series: Sexual Misconduct, 3rd and final book

Should you read this series? I’d say give it a go, but you might want to read them all at once. Each book is so short that it wouldn’t take you very long to read all three, and you also wouldn’t forget some of the important details from book to book.

Smut Level: In this book alone, not the highest smut content ever. Overall though? So much dirty talk and alpha-male  tendencies!!!!

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