Stalker Theme: Male vs. Female

If you read as many romance novels as I do, odds are you’ve probably come across at least one book featuring a stalker. It’s a theme which adds suspense to the story, and can be a rather interesting side plot. Personally, I have come across this topic many a time in my romance novel reading, and I’ve started to notice some patterns which I wanted to share with all of you in regards to the difference between male and female stalkers represented in books. Disclaimer: stalking is so wrong.

Single Male Stalks Female who is Dating Someone Else defying the odds

This kind of stalking is pretty common in romance books, and the male in question is usually an abusive ex-boyfriend with no redeeming qualities. The book often features a loving relationship between a hero and heroine, and just when you think they are about to walk off into the sunset together, this nutty creep will come out of the wood work. Normally, at the end of the book the stalker will attempt to kidnap the heroine in the hopes of rekindling their relationship, but our hero will either kill him, or the stalker will get arrested by the police and thrown in jail. It is very rare for us to ever sympathize with the stalker, and we definitely wish him ill will because he’s getting in the way of our two lovebirds. I’ll admit that this kind of stalking presence can be very suspenseful, and can make the book more exciting than just a tale of boy meets girl. Some of my favorites including this kind of stalking are Defying the Odds, Until November, and From Rags.

Single Male Stalks Single Female

his captiveThis is a strange one. For some inexplicable reason which I can’t even begin (or want) to understand, it’s intriguing whenever a book has this feature in the plot summary. Check out the synopsis of the book His Captive Bride, and you might understand what I’m talking about. Normally, it involves some troubled man who finds himself drawn to a young woman, and he can’t help but follow her around in the hopes of getting close to her. There is usually a 99% chance that this kind of man will be the absolute alpha male, with major jealousy issues, and the need to refer to his woman as mine whenever they are having sex. The woman might be fearful at first, but then an unforeseen desire starts to blossom within her, and she can’t help but fall for him. The summary of these kinds of books can draw you in, and even though you know with all your might that in real life this kind of behavior is disgusting and wrong in every way, the male stalker is eventually represented as the hero of the novel, and when you read it you kind of hope that the man and woman end up together. However, there is a big difference between the synopsis of the book, and the book itself. Although the synopsis of a book with this kind of feature might seem intriguing and different at first, it has a tendency to turn very weird very quickly, and is ultimately a let down. It’s a theme that just doesn’t come together in the end, probably because you can’t get over the fact how wrong this relationship is. I like my books to feature an alpha male, but usually the guys in these books are exceedingly alpha, to the point where it’s borderline demeaning and abusive. I read a book once with this kind of male stalker in it, and although it started off hot and heavy with lots of delightful dirty talk, at one point when they were having sex he started saying how he was just going to violate her. That…doesn’t sound appealing. In any way.

Any book that ever features a female stalker beauty from pain

She’s always the crazy psycho villain who needs to be stopped, and seek medical treatment immediately. I have never come across a book featuring a single female stalking a single male like in the last scenario I just described, where they eventually end up married and having babies. Whenever we have a female stalker in a book, she is always a nutcase. Unlike the male stalkers in our first case who were abusive a**holes, female stalkers usually had some kind of mental break because the playboy hero they used to date ended their relationship early when she was hoping for more. Even though he may have been completely inconsiderate of her feelings, the woman is always described as so utterly and completely psycho that we don’t empathize with her at all. In addition, this woman is usually trying to either kill the man’s new love interest, or kill the man in question for being such a douche. Just look at the second book of the Fifty Shades trilogy, or Beauty from Pain, Wicked Game, or any book featuring a male celebrity! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning stalking or anything, but why is it that the female stalker is always the one driven to a new level of crazy?

19 thoughts on “Stalker Theme: Male vs. Female

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  2. Intriguing post.I have come across some stalking on stories where it’s not necessarily a theme but a female will stalk may be her ex or someone she fancies and it’ s not portrayed in a psychotic light.
    Have you read Raw by Belle Aurora?

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  3. The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige is one of my favorite stalker reads! It features Alayna Withers, a recovering stalker, with whom I could not help sympathizing. Laurelin’s treatment of stalking was refreshing, and the book was a good one too.

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  4. Having been the point of interest for a stalker for two years, no stalking plot draws me in for that aspect alone. The story would have to have a great h/H story line to balance it out. My stalker was never resolved (he just faded away like he appeared) and to this day I carry a sense of being watched, even though I’m pretty sure he’s gone after no contact in over thirty years. Just the same, I can never be sure, so stalking books can easily resurface that real fear for me and as a writer my overactive imagination can drive me insane.

    Someday I need to write a book and include my weird experience. Why haven’t I? Because he was never caught. I don’t know that he’s not still out there and could possibly see a book and associate the details with me…

    Great post.


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  7. I have just finished writing a book which has amongst other things a female stalker who is stalking another female, because she sees her as her rival. She wants to get into the psyche of her rival.


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