Finding Destiny by Christa Simpson

Happy day before Valentine’s Day everyone!! Are you all ready to spend the day with your significant other in a blissful bubble of love? Well, I’m single, so I’ll probably be spending tomorrow watching Oscar nominated movies by myself, and curling up in bed with my Kindle. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m totally looking forward to it. Seriously! Sort of my idea of the perfect weekend. Anyway, to get you in the Valentine’s Day mood, here’s a great little romantic Valentine’s novella to light your fancy. Enjoy! finding

Honestly, when I first started reading this book I was slightly concerned that I had gotten myself involved in a horror story instead of a romance. It starts off with three young, single women who decide to go away over Valentine’s weekend for a spa trip. On their drive to the spa they get lost in a terrible snow storm which causes their truck to break down. They all decide to get out and walk for help, but one of the ladies sprains her ankle during the journey. Along come three burly men on snowmobiles who take them away to a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods. And cue creepy horror music!

Don’t worry though! This book has nothing to do with pretty women getting hacked to bits by masked villains. Instead, it’s a tale of love between Destiny, one of the women from the broken down truck, and Skylar, one of the snowmobile men who rescued them. Skylar and Destiny are immediately smitten with each other, but they are hesitant at first to act on their desires. Probably because they just met about 35 minutes ago. On the other hand Skylar’s brother Matty, and Destiny’s friend Felicia aren’t afraid to make use of their stranded situation to jump all over each other. Literally. Those two definitely know how to rattle a headboard, and it makes it more and more difficult for Destiny and Skylar to keep their hands off of each other. Although I really enjoyed the lustful exploits blossoming within this tiny cabin, I couldn’t help but feel bad for Natalie, the girl who sprained her ankle. She wears glasses, has a bad injury, and yet no hunky man is interested in sweeping her off her feet. Poor gal.

This book does take place over Valentine’s Day, but thankfully it isn’t filled too cheesily with flowers, boxes of chocolates, hearts and kisses. It’s mainly a weekend sex fest for all involved, except for Natalie of course. That being said, considering the female lead’s name was Destiny, it’s pretty obvious that there was going to be a play on words with her name and their “destiny” to fall in love. I think it happened at least twice, and although each time was extremely cheesy the rest of the book wasn’t too bad. The sex between our characters was oh so wonderfully hot and descriptive. Again, a few headboards were banging, they steamed up some car windows, and there was quite a lot of nylon ripping involved. Personally, I’d be pissed! Do you know how hard it can be to find a good pair of nylons? And then to just have some tattooed man come along with his bulging muscles and start tearing them in the heat of passion and…ok so maybe I wouldn’t mind so much.

I did have one main issue with this book, and that is it was too short! Not just because I liked it so much and wanted more, which I did, but also because Destiny and Skylar basically fall in love over the span of a weekend. I get it, that’s maybe possible, but the two pretty much went from sex bunnies to soul mates in the blink of a snow storm. It was a minor issue I had, but definitely not a deal breaker. There is a pretty big event which happens near the end of the book though that brings them closer together. For such a short novella it’s surprising how much actually takes place plot-wise. Skylar was a delightfully possessive man, and was quick to stake his claim for Destiny over his brother Matty. Although the sex scenes were passionate and fun to read, I think my favorite parts of the book were the interactions between the two brothers. Matty knows how smitten Skylar is with Destiny, so he constantly flirts with her in an attempt to get a rise out of his brother. At one point, Skylar has to go to Matty to ask for condoms, and it is one of the most hilarious scenes in the entire book! Overall, this short novella has a bit of everything: comedy, sex, love, family. A great Valentine’s read!

BWP Book Tours Button*A copy of this book was provided by Black Widow Publishing for review*

Series: The Destiny series, book 1. I can’t wait to read the next book, Beautifully Broken, which continues the love story between Matty and Felicia. And it’s a full-length book which has me super duper excited!

Should you read it? Why not? It’s a quick and steamy read which you can probably finish before going out for Valentine’s Day dinner. Or while you wait for a table in a crowded restaurant.

Smut Level: We’ve got nylon ripping going on here for crying out loud!

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