February Doesn’t Have Enough Days

I hate February. This particular February anyway. To say that I have been busy lately is…well, a true and factual statement. Normally I would say it’s an understatement, but it isn’t a ridiculous amount of busy I’m dealing with to warrant it being an understatement. First of all, I’m moving to a new apartment, which is the biggest pain in the ass ever! I hate dealing with packing, movers, leases and internet companies more than anything! Secondly, the Oscars aired this past weekend, so my entire February has been spent watching as many nominated films as possible. I still wasn’t able to watch all of the 60 some movies which were nominated, but I came pretty darn close. I watched every movie in 18 of the 24 categories, and actually saw every film that ended up winning an award. Personal pat on the back for me. And lastly, February just happens to be the busiest time of year at my work. So why does my busy life warrant a special post? Because all my spare time for reading romance books and writing reviews has almost completely vanished! Hence the reason why I was only able to post one review last week. But don’t worry! Once this hellish month of February is over I should be able to get right back on track into blogger mode. I’ll just have to designate a day to sleep for about 12 hours straight, and then I’ll be good to go.


5 thoughts on “February Doesn’t Have Enough Days

  1. I hear ya! It’s also a big month for me at work too, plus uni starts up for the year next week, so I’m wondering what kind of damage that’s going to have on my book reading time lol 🙂

    How long did you give yourself to watch 18 movies? I’m quite impressed with your dedication there!

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    • OMG, once you graduate you won’t believe how much free time you’ll have to read non-academic books. It’s amazing!! As for the Oscar movies, I saw 48 total, but that includes a lot of the short films. I saw a few before the nominees were announced, but most were watched in the short month of February!

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