I hate Twitter, so…

I got a Twitter account! Gotta keep up with all the new age crap the kids are into nowadays. Personally, I don’t get the point of Twitter. I mean, being “tweeted at” sounds like an annoying person yapping your ear off, and don’t even get me started on the whole hashtag nonsense. Also, the fact that people out there would want to know the thoughts going on in my head, on a daily basis, is slightly concerning. Trust me, weird stuff floats around up in there.

On that note, feel free to connect with me @Romance4Beach! I’m not gonna go into how much it irks me that romance4thebeach is one character too long for a twitter username. Nope, not gonna go there. I will try as hard as I might to be witty and tweet on a regular basis, but how often that will actually be is a question mark. It will probably be heavily influenced on what I happen to be reading, what book news is hot on the presses, and how many cups of coffee I’ve had for the day.

5 thoughts on “I hate Twitter, so…

  1. I like tweeting insane things just to see if anyone is paying attention. It’s good for book and blog promotions, though. There’re tons of authors out there tweeting their books desperately. Hashtags are how you get noticed by certain groups. You could try #reviews #books to name two. 😉 I’m not saying it works and I don’t ‘tweet’ all the time, but it’s just another way to get noticed.

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