Survey Results: What do you want?!

A few weeks ago I held a reader survey asking what else you all might like to see on “Romance Novels for the Beach”. Overall it looks like I’m doing something right with this little blog of mine, but some of the results were surprising. Your comments of support were amazing, and I can’t thank you all enough for participating. Enjoy the results below!

What other romance subgenres do you want to see?

I post a LOT of contemporary romance book reviews, which apparently is great because an overwhelming majority of you said that this is the subgenre you want to see more of. Actually, it won by a landslide. That being said, tied for second were historical and paranormal romances. I’ll admit that paranormal isn’t really my thing, but I’ll try to throw one in there every once in a while for ya’ll. As for historical, let’s get some more highlanders and dukes up in here, shall we?

Male Characteristics

alphaWhat is it about the alpha male that is just so delicious? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging. I love me some alpha male as much as the next romance novel addict, but it’s interesting to see how many readers out there also love their alphas. This characteristic was the clear winner, but many of you also want to see more military and funny men. Duly noted. I’ll admit, this category was one of the most fun to track as the responses came in. At one point, nerdy men were in the lead, which really shocked me. There was also a written suggestion for more cowboys. Don’t worry, I have some posts coming up which feature horse-riding hotties in the wild wild west.

What do you want other than reviews?

This category definitely had more of a mix of responses, but in the lead were my observations and opinions about the romance genre, and personal anecdotes. I gotta say, it’s nice to know that you want to hear more about me! I mean, really? Little ole’ me? For a while now I’ve been thinking about putting together a “get to know me” kind of post, and after seeing the results of this survey it looks like I might have to get to work writing that little ditty.

Average Review Length

This one really surprised me, and I think it’s one that a lot of bloggers out there should take note of. The average length of one of my reviews is 1200 words, and while most of you said this length was just right, there were a few of you who said it should be shorter (I’ll work on that 😉 ). Honestly, I was expecting that everyone would tell me to stop blabbing already. So, for all of you book review bloggers out there, pay attention to your word count the next time you write a post, and see how close or far away you are to that 1200 word count. Who knows? You might have room to say more, or maybe you should have stopped about 1000 words ago.

too longWhat info is useful to know in a review?

The clear leaders in this category were, “If it’s worth reading” and “If it’s part of a series”. Good to know I include both of those at the bottom of every review. Even though “how much sex there is” wasn’t high up there as a priority, I just don’t think I can do away with my smut level comments. They’re just too much fun.

Post Frequency and Timing

It’s comforting to know that you all don’t think I’m posting too much, as I usually adhere to a strict 2-3 posts per week schedule. As far as timing of posts, none of you really seem to care about what day, although there were a few weekend requests. Apparently, none of you are night owl readers though.


canadaWell hello Canada! Not only were the grand majority of responders from North America, but the day I posted this survey the number of people who saw my blog in Canada sky-rocketed. Normally, the US takes the lead every day as the country with the highest representation of blog viewers, but for some strange reason on this day there were twice as many Canadians checkin’ out my blog as there were in the US. Considering I went to college in Canada, I thought this was kind of awesome. How’s it going Canada?


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