Victim of Love by Christa Maurice

On my last beach vacation I went snorkeling, swam with stingrays, and went horseback riding in the ocean. When the main character in this book went to the beach she ended up having a sexual romp with a famous rock star, engaged in a threesome with one of his band mates on the beach, and even considered having a sexual escapade with another woman. I think it’s safe to say that her idea of a fun and adventurous beach vacation is slightly different from mine.


What’s it about? 

What happens when wasting time becomes finding forever. Rick Lincoln, bassist for SendDown, was just looking for something to occupy himself during recording when he spotted Tara on the beach. By the way she was waving off hopefuls, she wasn’t a hooker and based on the book in her hands she spoke English. Two points in her favor between sessions in Brazil. Tara Feingold just wanted to warm up on break from her teaching job in Chile. Rick was very warm. Hot even. It just kept getting hotter when he took her back to the house the band was staying and the other members of the band decided they needed to scare her off with debauchery. 

First Impressions

Definitely not the most romantic meet cute I’ve ever come across. After all, the main reason Rick approached Tara on the beach was because she was reading a book in English, and he figured the odds were pretty good that she would be able to scream in English whilst having sex. As for the sex itself, ay caramba!! It’s naughty, there’s enough dirty talk to make a phone sex operator blush, and it convinced me to never get involved with a rock star. These people are crazy, and could probably create a very colorful pie chart with the variety of STD’s they’ve acquired throughout the years. 

A Relationship Based on Sex

My goodness the descriptions of the sexual escapades in this book really made me feel like a prude. I couldn’t help but feel a tad uncomfortable at times with the raunchiness of it all, and instead of getting hot and bothered, I started analyzing how the emphasis of sex could impact their long-term relationship. 

Tara states multiple times throughout the novel that she’s not usually so brazen or wanton. Rick may have awakened a sexually adventurous side to her that she never knew existed, but she also admits that she repeatedly pushed her sexual comfort level for fear that Rick would break up with her otherwise. That…doesn’t really seem healthy. Now, he never actually forced her to engage in any of these promiscuous activities, but it’s possible that she may ultimately come to regret some of the decisions she made during this time in the hopes to hold his interest. 

As for Rick, he’s never had problems sharing his women in the past, but he wants Tara all to himself. That’s sweet and all, but I wish we could have had more explanation as to why that was. Why did he suddenly want to change everything for her? Was it because she didn’t recognize him at first as a famous rock star, or that she didn’t care about his celebrity status once she did figure it out? Or was it all simply due to that perfect timing of finding a non-hooker on the beach who could read English? beachIn the end we never really find out why she was so special to him, and based on the information we are presented with the logical conclusion would be that his attraction to her is based mainly on their sexual relationship. I really do question how long they’ll last as a couple. He’s talking forever here, but I give it about 6 months before Tara can no longer handle the realities of dating a rock star. When she confides in Rick that she wants to tone down some of their sexual activities he readily agrees, but we can’t ignore the fact that one of the main reasons he chose to extend their relationship beyond a single one-night stand was because he liked her kinky side. Seems to me like it’ll become a future irreconcilable difference. 



There was supposed to be some intrigue and suspense involving one of Rick’s band mates, Trent, and his plot to scare Tara away with the crazy sex happening all over the place. She is the proverbial Yoko Ono after all. Rick goes a little ballistic when he discovers Trent’s treachery, and starts an all-out brawl. When Rick threatens to leave the band though, Trent and the other band mates try to laugh off the whole argument, and the fight ends with a good ole man slap on the back. Um, what? After all the shit that just went down they’re gonna chalk it up to what? Excessive testosterone levels? Trent getting his period early? Seriously Tara, maybe you should get as far away from this house of immature rock stars as quickly as possible. I hear Europe is nice this time of year!

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Rock and Roll State of Mind, Book 1

Should you Read it? Be prepared for some detailed sexual descriptions, and hormonal rock stars. Also, be careful if you read this book in English on the beach. God knows who might approach you!

Smut Level: I need about 5 margaritas to cool down. Oh cabana boy!

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. Kindle Price: $2.99. Pages- 103    


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