New Release: Corporate Fire by Evelyn Aster

This book is proof that skiing is the worst sporting activity known to man! Sure, it might lead you to meet your ideal prince charming and live happily ever after, but you’ll probably have to break a bone before the universe will allow that to happen. Sorry, I’ve had an aversion to skiing ever since I went right over a cliff ledge when I was a teenager. But that’s a story for another day!

What’s it About?

corpGrace has spent her life protecting herself from emotional pain. She’s a workaholic with few friends and fewer dates. But despite her devotion to her job, she falls victim to a corporate layoff. Escaping to the slopes to ski away her troubles, she’s relentlessly pursued by the model-gorgeous ax man Royce. Finally she challenges him to a ski race: if she wins, he leaves the resort, and if he wins, she has to have dinner with him. The unexpected result of the race leaves Grace reeling in a romance that brings her walls crashing down. But when someone sets fire to her old office and casts the blame in her direction, will she be willing to trust Royce, or will she retreat to the safety of her defenses?

First Impressions

This is another delightful read from Evelyn Aster. It tells a cute, yet sensual love story with a leading man to drool after, and a female heroine to admire. Royce can be very smooth and flirtatious when he wants to be, which just makes my toes curl! There’s also some suspense built in towards the end dealing with disgruntled employees from the initial corporate firing, and it helps bring the entire story together full circle. My only complaint is that I wish Grace and Royce’s relationship had dragged on a bit longer. Our love-birds basically fall in love over the time-span of a weekend, and I think it would have been very interesting if we could have seen them try and deal with the struggles of a long-term relationship.

Our Less than Graceful Heroine

Grace felt some initial flutterings of desire during her first meeting with Royce when he fired her, but it isn’t until he cares for her following her ski accident that their relationship really smolders like a marshmallow over an open flame (now I want S’mores). I must say I thought Grace was a very different and unique character. She has OCD, as well as a long set of rules when it comes to men. She has already determined which dates it is appropriate for a man to kiss her, make love to her, set foot inside her apartment, etc. And let’s just say it’s a lot longer than your typical three date rule!

However, once Grace is laid off her entire routine is thrown off kilter, and she is tempted to re-examine her strict rules after being pursued by the gorgeous Royce. Grace is a no-nonsense character who strives for perfection, but she also has her faults. Reading about her attempts to fit love into her organized bubble, and rationalize her feelings for Royce made for an interesting read.

I Might Go Skiing for Him

OMG Royce just might be the ideal book boyfriend, minus the fact that he fires people for a living. Not only is he understanding of Grace’s quirks and eccentricities, but he doesn’t try to push her to break her rules for him. She breaks them all on her own. His desire for her is strong, and although he’s no amateur in the bedroom, he does remain respectful of her boundaries throughout the entire novel (audible sigh). The fact that he likes to cuddle on top of all this other wonderfulness might just be too much perfection for one man. At least have him drink milk from the carton or something!

joeyA Cast Makes Sex Difficult, Not Impossible

Due to Grace’s broken leg, not to mention her long list of rules, it isn’t until fairly late in the game when our love-birds finally have sex. But my God in Heaven that doesn’t mean they didn’t do other stuff in the interim. Holy shiitake mushrooms do these two know how to make good of a bad situation. Make-out sessions abound, and Grace is more than ready to please her pseudo care-taker Royce. I think she even begged him at one point to fool around. One of my favorite scenes though was when Grace did a quick Internet search to study the best ways to give a man pleasure. Let’s just say he was extremely appreciative, and more than happy to repay the favor.

damonWhat’s Next?

Author Evelyn Aster will actually be writing a guest post for my blog on Wednesday, April 29th, which will include a giveaway where you could receive a free copy of her first book in the Holiday Cafe series, Masked Hearts. Be sure to check back in on that date! A few months ago I reviewed Masked Hearts and absolutely loved it. Check out my review here. At the end of Corporate Fire there was actually a teaser chapter for the next book in the Holiday Cafe series, and I will be bouncing with anticipation until I can get my hands on that second book!

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Corporate Romance series, book 1. I’ll definitely be reading book 2. Royce has a brother!

Should you read it? Yes! It’s a quick read that’ll have you laughing, fanning yourself a few times, and sitting on the edge of your seat. It’s cheesy at times, but the guy likes to cuddle! Why wouldn’t you want to read this?

Smut Level: There are times when they claw at each other’s clothing, and do whatever it takes to bring the other pleasure, but overall it isn’t too raunchy.

Get it on Amazon:Click Here. It just came out today!! $3.99 Kindle Price. 180 Pages

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