Book Tag: Reader Problems

I know the typical rule of thumb is to participate in a book tag when someone actually tags you in it. Well, I didn’t feel like writing a review today, and I came across this tag about 50 different times in my reader feed, so I stole it! If you’re upset that I broke some kind of book tag etiquette, then you should probably get out more.

1. You  have  20,000  books  on  your  TBR.  How  in  the  world  do  you  decide  what  to  read  next?  

Ha, this is actually pretty accurate. I’m weird when it comes to picking out what book to read next. If nothing is really calling out to me I’ll just go alphabetically down my TBR list. There are other times where I’ll want to try and clear out some series from my list, so I’ll focus on whichever series has the fewest amount of books left.

books2. You’re  halfway  through  a  book  and  you’re  just  not  loving  it.  Do  you  quit  or  are  you  committed?

I see it through to the end baby! Me not finishing a book is as rare as me not finishing a pizza. It just doesn’t happen. Even if the book totally sucks I feel like I need to read it all to make an informed decision.

3. The  end  of  the  year  is  coming  and  you’re  so  close,  but  so  far  away  on  your  Goodreads  reading  challenge.  Do  you  try  to  catch  up  and  how?

I’ve never done a Goodreads reading challenge, and the one year I set a reading goal for myself I exceeded it by about 200 books. That being said, I suppose if I was ever in this situation I would become a complete and total hermit on the weekends, with no TV allowed until I met my goal. Assuming new episodes of Outlander weren’t playing of course. Otherwise that would be my designated one hour break.

4. The  covers  of  a  series  you  love  do.  not.  match.  How  do  you  cope?

I don’t know what this means. I have a Kindle, so I rarely ever see a book’s cover.

5. Everyone  and  their  mother  loves  a  book  you  really  don’t  like.  Who  do  you  bond  with  over  shared  feelings?

Isn’t that what you all are for?

6. You’re  reading  a  book  and  you  are  about  to  start  crying  in  public.  How  do  you  deal?

This has happened to me. It sucks. I balled like a baby, with actual heaving sobs. I usually try and use a combination of hiding behind my hair, and covering my chin with my hand so it looks as though I’m deep in thought.

crying7. A  sequel  of  a  book  you  loved  just  came  out,  but  you’ve  forgotten  a  lot  from  the  prior  novel.  Will  you  re-read  the  book?  Skip  the  sequel?  Try  to  find  a  synopsis  on  Goodreads?  Cry  in  frustration?!?!?!?

I basically go through this every time I start a new Outlander book. Thankfully, there are some great Wikipedia summaries for Outlander, and for other books I would definitely go to a Goodreads synopsis over skipping the sequel entirely. Would anybody out there seriously just skip it? If so, I think we’d all like an explanation.

8. You  do  not  want  anyone.  ANYONE.  borrowing  your  books.  How  do  you  politely  tell  people  nope  when  they  ask?

There are three universal truths in my life: I don’t share my food, I don’t share my umbrella when it rains, and I don’t lend people books. God, I sound like a real bitch! I can’t help it though, as I’ve gotten books back on 2 separate occasions where the cover had been completely ripped off. Now that I think about it, both occasions were actually my mom! Don’t try and deny it mom, you know it’s true, I can list the books for you if you want. Sorry, what was the question? Oh yeah, “Sorry, I don’t lend people books. I’ve had bad experiences in the past”.

joey food9. Reading  ADD.  You’ve  picked  up  and  put  down  5  books  in  the  last  month.  How  do  you  get  over  your  reading  slump?

This doesn’t happen. There are times when I get bored with a book, so I’ll start another one, and then alternate between the two every other chapter. This technique was vital when I read the 5th Outlander book. Although, instead of reading one chapter of another book, I would just read an entire book, and then read another section of Outlander. Very effective.

10. There  are  so  many  new  books  coming  out  that  you’re  dying  to  read!  How  many  do  you  actually  buy?

This is a tough one. I hate spending a lot of money on books, so I’d probably add them all to my Amazon wish list and wait to have a shopping spree at Christmas when I get gift cards. This way I’m forced to actually read the thousands of books I already have on my Kindle!

bridesmaids11. After  you’ve  bought  the  new  books  you  can’t  wait  to  get  to,  how  long  do  they  sit  on  your  shelf  before  you  get  to  them?

I’ll either read it right away, or it’ll sit around untouched for months, and months, and months. Wow, the life of a book kind of sucks.

If this tag interested you, have at it!

13 thoughts on “Book Tag: Reader Problems

  1. I loved all your answers (are you sure I didn’t write this blog?) except for #2. I suppose you read a book to the end because you will then review it and you have to finish it to give it a fair review. But not being a book reviewer, I feel life is too short to read bad books. If you lose me, bore me, or confuse me, I will put your book down and never pick it up again. End of story. P.S. I did not now there was such a thing as book tags or book tag etiquette. Your blog is very informative.


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  3. Wow! We’re pretty similar– except for the umbrella thing. I try hard to finish every book I start but I have found the one thing that will make me put a book down is one that is not edited and the mistakes fly by on every page.

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  4. Too many books, not enough time – that’s the story of my life! I used to force myself to finish every book I started, even if I couldn’t stand them, but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that my free time is simply too fleeting and too precious!


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