Guest Post and Giveaway by Author Evelyn Aster!

One of my newest favorite authors, Evelyn Aster, was gracious enough to write a post for today where she discusses some of her recent projects and the inspiration behind them. She’s also included a link below for a free copy of her novel Masked Hearts. Did you hear me people? This is a no strings attached free book, which also happens to be an awesome read. Get it while you can!

Guestpost by Evelyn Aster

A huge thank you to Lauren for reviewing my book Corporate Fire and allowing me to guest blog here today! Lauren asked me to talk about what inspires my writing. Everything influences me, but I’ll try to narrow it down ๐Ÿ™‚

billionaireI love romance. I love sex. Who doesn’t? But when I peruse romance bookshelves, I see droves of billionaires. I get it; billionaires are our modern day Prince Charmings. But I’m never gonna run into a billionaire with my car and have him ask me out for coffee on his jet to Paris. And I’m fine with that.

When I write stories, I like to write about people I might meet at work or in a coffee house. Yes, they might be a little better looking than your average clientele, but their problems are similar to yours and mineโ€”with a twist of love.

My latest book Corporate Fire, available exclusively on Kindle, was inspired during the recent recession when a multitude of people were being laid off. The main character Grace not only has to suffer being let go from a company she’s been loyal to, but the ax man Royce is the only man she’s ever flipped head over heels for at first sight. What is a gal to do?

I admit, I was inspired by George Clooney’s character in the movie Up in the Air. But that dude is broken. Royce is a good guy with a bad job that’s coming between him and Grace, the woman he adores.

In my other book Masked Hearts, also reviewed by Lauren, Sienna is a young teacher and Mark is the hot single dad of one of her students. Navigating an intensely sexual relationship outside of school while maintaining a professional teacher/parent relationship isn’t exactly commonplace, but it could happen. After all, I was a young teacher hit on by a hot single dad with two children ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’ll never know if I would’ve bound myself to his tie rack as Sienna did because I was dating someone else at the time.

Romance isn’t just for billionaires. It’s for everyone.

I’d like to invite you to my world of romance for real people by giving you my first novel Masked Hearts Book 1 in the Holiday Cafe series for free! You can get it one of two ways: Visit the Masked Hearts page on Smashwords and use the coupon code HD24G. Or you can email me directly at In the email, let me know what file you need, epub, mobi (Kindle) or pdf. I promise I won’t spam you later.

And please check out Corporate Fire on Amazon!

Evelyn Aster loves coffee, chocolate and romance. If she’s not at a cafe writing, she’s most likely out on a date, enjoying a cocktail with St. Germaine in it.

You can also find her at:
Twitter: @EvelynAster

7 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway by Author Evelyn Aster!

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  2. Hello! Your blog has me considering delving into the romance genre. I’ve always been interested, but I have a really hard time finding books where the characters are my age (I’m 21). Is there anything you can suggest?


    • Hmm, well another important thing to keep in mind is what you’re interested in plot-wise. Are you looking for something that’s funny, suspenseful, historical, paranormal? I assume something set in college, or recent graduates would be good? There’s a LOT out there, so if you give me a bit more info on your interests, I’m sure I could suggest something!


      • Alright, here we go. Firstly, I always recommend the Neighbor from Hell series. It’s funny, cute, and a good intro to romance novels. Some more serious contemporary romances that have younger lead characters include the edge of never, the boy who sneaks in my bedroom window, and the secret of Ella and micha. On Dublin street is awesome, but I’m not sure of their ages. Boycotts and barflies will have you laughing out loud. The bronze horseman is a great historical read, but you’ll prolly cry at least once. Slightly noble and heather for a highlander are also good historical ones. I’m not big on paranormal, but the night huntress series isn’t half bad. If you have any questions, let me know, and enjoy!!

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  3. I’m going to jump in here too because I just finished reading Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene Frost. The main character is 20 and it’s a battle between demons and angels. There’s definitely a romance, but no sex in the first book. I assume there will be in the next part of the series but I haven’t read it yet ๐Ÿ™‚


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