Forever Dolls by Ci’Monique Green

I’m definitely no expert when it comes to the intricacies of first dates. Believe me! But I always assumed discussing your job, and your favorite TV shows were good starting points. The two lead characters in this book take it a step further and talk about being abandoned by family members, and douche-hole ex-husbands. Interesting approach to first date conversation topics.

foreverWhat’s it About?

In the charming ocean side town of Chatham Crest, few things rattle quiet doll-maker Verona Pierce. After three years of reading the sizzling “Man Wire” advice column in secret and dreaming of the magnetic ghostwriter, Verona’s life is hurled into a swooning mystery as “Bradford” moves to town — and curious questions pop up from everyone he touches.

First Impressions

Hands down the best part about this book was the occupation of the main character. She makes dolls, which is awesome in itself, but her clients are those who want to remember a loved one who has died, or is dying, from cancer. Verona uses the actual hair which the loved one may have lost due to chemotherapy treatments, and the dolls are replicas of that person. There were so many touching stories of people who wanted to keep the memory of their loved ones alive, and overall it was a very unique job description. I actually wish it had been featured more prominently throughout the book.

Tee Hee, Giggle Giggle

I’ve reviewed a LOT of books which feature some of the most talented dirty talkers in the business. Bradford might not quite be at their level of raunchiness, but my goodness he just might be the most flirtatious male I’ve ever encountered. Some of his lines produce an immediate toe-curl reaction, and giggle accompaniment. Although Bradford and Verona share some intense kissing scenes and extended foreplay, they get interrupted enough that the two never actually have sex. I did feel the language used towards the end of the novel to describe how much they loved each other was a bit flowery. For example, “I see my love flow through his ear and weave through his soul in a thread held only by me”, seems slightly excessive. I guess it’s good the love didn’t flow through his nostril, or something.

anchormanA Little Confrontation Never Hurt Anyone

On their first date Verona talks about how her ass of an ex-husband abandoned her and her daughter years beforehand. In turn, Bradford mentions how his grandfather has always been a bit of a dick, and probably had something to do with the disappearance of his mother and sister when he was little. Both were very interesting back-stories, but I wish things would have come more full circle at the end. For example, I would’ve loved if Verona had been able to confront her ex, tell him what a jerk he was for leaving her all alone with a young child, and give him a good slap across the face. It also may have added some more excitement to the book.

Moral of the Story

suspiciousHave sex with your girlfriend!! After the two have been dating for a while Verona makes it pretty clear that she is more than willing to drop her panties for Bradford, but he always puts on the brakes before they go too far. As a result, she starts to question why he won’t do the deed with her. Is it because she’s older than him? He doesn’t find her sexy? He’s actually conning little old ladies out of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Verona chooses to go with that last option.

Because they haven’t had sex, Verona wonders if she really knows him at all, and when money is drained from the bank accounts of the elderly townsfolk she starts to suspect Bradford as the prime suspect. I have a feeling if the two had connected on a more physical level earlier on she probably would have worked with him to try and find the culprit. Instead she gives his name to the authorities. A word of advice for all the gents out there: if you’ve been dating your chica for a few months now, better take her to bed before she starts telling people you’ve committed a major felony.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Nada

Should you read it? It’s an interesting depiction of small-town life, with some intrigue as far as the conning scheme. However, Verona has the tendency to question why Bradford could ever like her, and it gets kind of repetitive after a while.

Smut Level: They almost do it on a staircase, which would’ve been awesome, but they simply don’t have any follow through.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $0.99 Kindle Price. Self-published. 262 pages.


2 thoughts on “Forever Dolls by Ci’Monique Green

  1. I love reading your reviews though I haven’t read a romance novel in ages!! I don’t remember the last time I came across a blog that never fails to make me smile like yours! I love the way you write! Ok, lotsa love in this comment here, hehe. I’m not gay, I swear. šŸ˜

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