Her Soldier’s Touch by J.M. Stewart

I always giggle to myself whenever there are 2 adults with this much sexual tension, and they think they can just kiss without anything else happening. Silly rabbits, Trix are for kids! Side note: is anybody else as pissed as me that Trix no longer come in the shapes of fruit? They’re just round puff balls now. Are they deliberately trying to destroy my childhood memories of happiness?

What’s it About? 

her soldier

Experience has taught single mother Rachel Madison that the only person she can truly rely on is herself. But what she wants most in the world—to give her son the life she never had growing up—means she must put her faith in a man who once walked out on her. Retired from the service, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Colten Taylor makes a detour to Phoenix to bury his brother. Nobody is more surprised than he to see Rachel waiting for him at the airport. He regrets the morning he walked away from her, but coming from an abusive home taught Colt to put limits on all his relationships—especially this one. So when he discovers he has a son, Colt knows this is a chance to prove to himself he’s not a chip off the old block. Turning his life around doesn’t come naturally, though. Then a drug dealer crops up from his brother’s dark past, threatening their son and forcing Colt and Rachel to face their demons … and each other.

First Impressions

Honestly, the cover photo is a little frightening. I mean, I’m all for bulging muscles, but it looks like food particles could actually get stuck in this guy’s abs. Maybe he should go a little easy on the sit-ups. Cover model possible steroid use aside, this novel combines a myriad of different elements to tell a heartfelt yet suspenseful story. You can’t help but feel sorry for Colt, who came back home to bury his brother Paul who died of a drug overdose. On top of that, he discovers a one night stand with the love of his life years beforehand resulted in the birth of his son. Talk about drama. Then we’ve got some romance with Colt and Rachel trying to make things work, and a bit of suspense with a greedy drug dealer. See what I mean? Myriad of elements.

Familial Issues Abound

Colt and Rachel both bring a dark family past to their relationship. Her mother died, and her father left, so she’s hesitant to allow Colt to get too close to her and her son for fear that he’ll run as well. Especially considering that’s exactly what he did 6 years ago. Then we have Colt, whose father was an abusive alcoholic, and his mother killed herself. There is a LOT of discussion throughout the book about how Colt is afraid that he’ll be just like his dad, and how he might run again. It sort of got repetitive after a while. Towards the end you almost welcome the presence of the creepy drug dealer so that they’ll change their focus of conversation.


A Glimpse Into the Past

I’m not usually a huge fan of flashbacks in novels, as authors have the tendency to go overboard with them, but I think we could have used one in this book. I wish there would have been more explanation behind the dynamic of Rachel, Colt and his brother Paul. Apparently they were all childhood friends, but Rachel and Paul dated for a few years in high school. We know that Colt always liked her, but we don’t really know how she felt.


Did she always crave something more with him, or was their coupling 6 years beforehand simply the result of too much alcohol? I definitely would have welcomed a flashback to their childhood years, as well as the moment when Rachel and Paul decided to end their romantic relationship. One thing that needs no explanation though is Colt’s infatuation with Rachel. He is so delightfully alpha, and encompasses all of the jealous and protective traits necessary to be categorized as such.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Nope. Although, I’m secretly hoping that Paul isn’t really dead because I think a sequel with him would be fascinating.

Should you read it? We have an alpha Army man who wants to prove that he can be a good father to his son, and a reliable lover to his woman. Throw in some intensity and kidnapping with a drug dealer and I’m hooked.

Smut Level: Colt is so versatile. He can either take her quick up against a wall, or slow and steady in bed. Come to think of it, the one actually led to the other.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $3.80 Kindle Price. Crimson Romance. 214 Pages.

6 thoughts on “Her Soldier’s Touch by J.M. Stewart

  1. Great review! Have you heard the fun theory that the reason Trix are now round shapes is cuz the shapes are only able to be seen by kids?? Lol.

    I love your site and am already addicted to your reviews!

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