Cowboy on the Run by Devon McKay

Well hello there cowboy. Meet me behind the barn in about 10 minutes. Ah hell, make it 5.

What’s it About? 


Running from a final fight with his drunk and abusive father, Nate had never planned to return to the town where the only good thing had been a brunette beauty with more compassion than he deserved. But finding himself on a ranch for boys facing the same issues not only taught him how to be a man, it taught him that there was more to life than running. Nate Walker always did know how to make an entrance, once again turning Jessie Calhoun’s routine life upside down. Unfortunately, he’d also had the same impact when he left her mending a broken heart in a cloud of dust and tail lights. But this time would be different. No longer that gullible, naive girl he left behind, she’d be a fool to fall under his spell again. Especially now that she had more at stake–two very important reasons.

First Impressions

All I can tell you is that if this cowboy tried to run away from me, he wouldn’t get very far. I’d chase right after him. Humina yumina. But in this novel Nate did run away, and the reasons for his flight are a little murky. All we do know is that he was a troubled teen, and that he’s back in town for his dad’s funeral. He’s also determined to win back Jessie, the love of his life. Little does he know that when he hit the road all those years ago he left Jessie pregnant. With twins. Because, you know, one kid wouldn’t have been enough of a shock.

Back to the Humina Yumina

Nate gives me a new appreciation for the whole cowboy thing. He’s like, a naughty, bad boy cowboy, which I can totally get behind. Mix in the fact that he’s a jealous and possessive alpha male determined to get Jessie out of her cut off jeans and cowgirl boots, and I’m officially entertained. Although, I have noticed an interesting trait when it comes to cowboy themed romance novels. Have you ever noticed that at some point in the story the cowboy and the heroine will undoubtedly get down and dirty while one or the both of them attempts to cool off in a pond/river/stream. They’re just out there in the open, putting on an X-rated show for their ponies. Have they no sense of propriety?


A Captivating Story


It definitely keeps your interest. Nate is constantly fighting the urge to run, but he simultaneously feels the need to prove to Jessie that he can be a loving father. She in turn struggles with trusting him again, especially now that her twins are involved. I do think another layer of depth could have been added to the storyline if we were provided with more background as to Nate’s past. We know that his mother died, but we don’t really know how. In addition, he obviously had a strained relationship with his father which revolved around alcohol, but we never find out the final straw which pushed Nate to run. Was his father abusive?

There was some mystery and intrigue, but it could have used some work. Weird stuff starts happening on Jessie’s ranch: her steers are killed, there’s a stampede, a multitude of snakes show up, her barn is set on fire, Nate is almost driven off the road, and they all think it’s just some crazy coincidence. Seriously? Wake up and smell the cow manure already! These events are linked, and someone wants Jessie off her land. I wish the intrigue had been more hidden and discreet so that the big reveal at the end was actually a surprise. When they finally got around to the climax, I was like, “Well, duh!”


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-alone

Should you read it? If you like cowboys, then I would say you darn tootin’ better give this one a go. However, if you prefer army men then I would say to pick up Her Soldier’s Touch by J.M. Stewart. The storylines are crazy similar, with a good mix of romance and suspense in both. It’s really just a cowboy vs. military man debate.

Smut Level: Delightful amount of sexual tension and some intense makeout sessions. The sex itself wasn’t too descriptive though.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.99 Kindle Price. The Wild Rose Press Inc. 266 Pages.

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