In Memoriam: My Notebook

Today, we have lost someone near and dear to all of us. And of course by “we” I mean me, and by “all of us” I mean nobody else while give a flying monkey about what I’m referring to. But I believe it deserves honorable mention that today I reached the last page of my blogging notebook, and it must be laid to rest.

You all know that feeling. When you come across the perfect notebook.It’s a rarity, and you remember it forever. For me, that happened almost a year ago, on September 6th, 2014. I’ll never forget that wonderful day.


I was in the basement level of the local Staples with my coworker, and it felt like we’d been searching aimlessly for over an hour before I found the most stunningly beautiful notebook which would fulfill all of my blogging needs and desires.

What followed was a torrid love affair for the history books. Stand back Romeo and Juliet, you’ve got nothing on us! I took my notebook with me everywhere, and treated it with the utmost care.


Not only did I use it to take notes of every book I finished reading for future review referencing, but I also used it to plot out my posting schedule for the month, keep track of books which authors asked me to review, and scribbled ideas of non-review related posts I wanted to feature.


This is where I outlined the multitude of reasons why I could never date Christian Grey, why I prefer my Kindle to physical books, and where I jotted down the most noteworthy of sexual locations which took place outside of the bedroom. Looking back on all of those good times fills me with so much happiness, and fond memories.


But alas, nothing amazing lasts forever. For the last few months I regrettably started to notice that the pages of my beloved notebook were dwindling down.

FullSizeRender (2)

Our time was measured, and we both knew it would have to end. And today, on an unassuming Tuesday in July, we reached our final page together.


This notebook has been with me almost since the beginning of my blog, but sadly we can’t go any further together. Farewell, old friend. I shall hold onto you until I have reviewed every book of notes contained within your fragile pages. And then, I will most likely replace you with the exact same brand of notebook from that very same Staples store. Rest in peace on my bookshelf. And to all of my readers out there, in lieu of flowers, please don’t send anything, and instead laugh at the ridiculousness of this post.


Photos courtesy of my coworker K. 

14 thoughts on “In Memoriam: My Notebook

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. The way you write about your notebook, makes me feel so sad that I never got to see it in person. It also makes me appreciate my own notebooks a little more.
    Deepest condolences.

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