Rescuing the Bridesmaid by Stella Hunter

This book starts off with a tow truck driver discovering a passed out female in the back of a car he’s meant to haul off. The woman proceeds to wake up and shove dollar bills down his pants because she thinks he’s a stripper. Not a bad start to a romance novel!

What’s it About? 


Can anything go right when a relationship begins with a case of mistaken identity? When Nate Whitmore picks up an abandoned car to be towed, he doesn’t expect to find a woman passed out in the back seat. Joanne Johnson tried to forget about her cheating ex-fiancé at her best friend’s bachelorette party and ends up mistaking the sexy tow truck driver for a male stripper. For Nate, giving the embarrassed woman a ride home seems easy enough, until one mishap after another throws them in each other’s paths time and again. As if maid-of-honor duties and jealous ex-lovers aren’t enough to deal with, Joanne must decide if Nate can be more than just a rebound.

First Impressions

This was a sexy and funny read, not to mention short. You can finish it in a couple of hours, no problem. There is a heavy focus on Joanne’s break-up with her ex-fiancé, Stan, and how to classify whatever this new thing is with Nate. Is he just a rebound? A prospective one-night stand? Or could it be something more? All I know is Nate proves time and time again throughout this book that chivalry is not dead, which means he’s definitely worth a roll or two in the sheets.


An Interesting Line

Nate definitely likes Joanne, and is drawn to her quirky character, but he also doesn’t want to take advantage of her recent break-up. The author did an amazing job at creating a situation where there was a fine line between us rooting for Joanne to rip off Nate’s overalls, but also cautioning her to stop and think if this thing with Nate is actually going somewhere. All I know is that I wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Bermuda of resisting his sexy trademark grin.


Lemme at Him!

Joanne’s ex-fiancé was a complete and total dick monkey. Not only did he cheat on her multiple times throughout their relationship, but he also blamed her for his unacceptable behavior. Why I oughta! In spite of his sordid past, Stan is trying his damnedest to win Joanne back. When we are first introduced to Joanne, she is obviously struggling emotionally to get over Stan, and Nate isn’t afraid to stand up for her if she needs it. However, as Nate shows Joanne how she should be treated by a man, she has no problem confronting Stan all her own. Yeah! She gets up in his face, yells, screams, punches and slaps him repeatedly, and I couldn’t be more proud of this chica.

bitch slap

I did like certain parts of the ending of this book, such as our lovely couple not rushing into things too quickly, but there was a suspenseful aspect which I thought was kind of weird. At one point, Nate is attacked by Stan, but he doesn’t report it to the police. When he arrives at the hospital where Joanne works, she quickly realizes what happened, and wants to run off and confront Stan right away. Nate cautions her against doing so, as he doesn’t want her to go looking for a fight. Dude! This asshole just attacked you with a tire iron! Forget about looking for a fight, tell her she shouldn’t go because she could wind up dead! Overall though, a fun read.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-alone

Should you read it? Why not? It’s funny, Nate is a sexy working class gentleman, and it won’t take you too long to finish.

Smut Level: There are a lot of smoldering looks, and even a little begging involved, before we get to the good stuff.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $0.99 Kindle Price. Self-Published. 88 pages.

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