Still Life by D.B. Kennison

The last 10% of this novel is wicked intense, as our heroine runs for her life from a psychotic killer. The fact that I finished this book while simultaneously watching Forensic Files probably wasn’t the best combination for my nerves. The fact that I did both of these activities about 15 minutes before my scheduled bedtime was probably the dumbest decision I made this month…so far.

What’s it About? 

still life

Randi Lassiter is twenty-nine, divorced, and remarkably content with her nonexistent social life. Mainly because she moonlights for an attorney, nabbing adulterers—like her ex—with her camera. When she stumbles across a mutilated body, it takes fast talking to convince the arrogant detective she’s not a suspect. One look at him, and she pegs him as a guy who uses his sexy smirk to separate women from their panties. When Detective Jon Bricksen is named the lead investigator of the first murder this microscopic town has seen in forty years, he questions his decision to leave the death and violence of Milwaukee behind. Randi’s cleavage—and her questionable sleuthing skills—aren’t making his job any easier. Theirs is a partnership of aggravation until her small-town network results in critical progress. Forced into an uneasy alliance, they battle a growing attraction—and a killer who’s out to make them the stars of his next piece of deadly performance art.

First Impressions

This book has everything! I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first to read this novel. I figured it’d be really suspenseful, and make me fidgety with nervousness. Which it did. But it was also surprisingly funny, sweet, and sexy as hell. Everything builds towards a suspenseful climax which will keep you on the edge of your seat. In the end, I can’t say I really understood, or cared for, the motivation of the killer, but it was definitely an interesting story. It’s also probably a good sign that I don’t understand the psychotic reasonings behind a serial killer. Sort of makes me feel good about myself.


The Perfect Blend

Randi and Jon hate each other at first meeting. He thinks she’s interfering with his murder case, and she thinks he’s a dick. And not in the detective sense. Personally, I felt this novel was the perfect blend of romance and sexual tension with a murder mystery. Never would have thought those three things would go together.


Throughout the entire novel you’re questioning who dunnit, while at the same time wanting Jon and Randi to just kiss already. Right when our couple would start to make some headway in their relationship, the story would switch gears to the discovery of another body. Definitely a risky move style-wise, but I thought it really came together nicely.

Supporting Characters

There was some additional drama thrown into the story about half-way through, when Jon’s ex shows up to help out with the case. This was the one aspect of the story which I could have done without. Let’s face it, Randi and Jon have enough drama to deal with, what with a serial killer leaving bodies all over the place. They don’t really need his ex showing up to rock the boat.

on a boat

Randi’s friend and co-worker was a wonderfully eccentric character who had me laughing out loud a few times. Not something I was suspecting in a romantic suspense, but it was a welcome surprise. Jon’s dog, Dammit, was also adorable, and a heroic character in his own right.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: The Randi Lassiter Series, book 1. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Should you read it? Some of the murder scenes are pretty graphic, but overall it was a suspenseful mystery with some romance thrown in too. It’ll probably have you suspecting just about every character at some point.

Smut Level: There’s only one sex scene, but it is delightfully sexy kitchen nooki.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.24 Kindle Price. Samhain Publishing Ltd. 290 Pages.

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  1. Haha, I also spent a ridiculous amount of time appreciating the Gosling clap! Great review, this book looks really good. It would be hard to strike the balance right between romance, a murder mystery and, as you said, have some laughs too! That’s quite the achievement! I’m definitely keen to give it a try!

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    Here is what Romance Novels for the Beach had to say about STILL LIFE.

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