Blue Violet by Abigail Owen

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Which is really freakin’ surprising since I normally don’t like paranormal novels all that much, but this one both caught and held my interest.

What’s it About? 

blue violet

When fairy tales turn into nightmares…Ellie Aubrey has spent most of her unnaturally long life hiding her extraordinary abilities from the world. On the run from the shape shifting wolves who murdered her family, she risks discovery in order to secretly watch over another group of similarly gifted people, determined they won’t suffer the same fate.

Alex Jenner has come home to protect his family from an unknown danger lurking in the woods. Suspicious of the new girl in town, he challenges Ellie in ways that will spark one of two possible outcomes: they’ll spontaneously combust, or she’ll lose control of the one power she’s fought so hard to contain. In this fairy tale, the dragon the prince must slay is also the princess who holds his heart.

First Impressions

There were a few different reasons why I think I liked this book so much more than other paranormal romances which are out there. Firstly, although the majority of the characters in this book are Svatura, basically a kind of witch/shape shifter, they all have different powers. It’s not like your typical paranormal book that only has vampires who lust for blood and live forever. And sparkle in the sunshine.

Vampires-don-t-Sparkle--891Another interesting aspect of this book was that the characters were still discovering what powers they possessed, and were learning how to master them. They weren’t experts in the field, but rather still had room for improvement. Kind of refreshing. And lastly, they may be hundreds of years old, but they were all in high school, and they actually had homework!! Sure, they might go off and fly around for a few hours, but they still had a French test to study for. Nice to have a sense of reality in a paranormal novel.

The Story

Ellie and her brother, Griffin, have been on the run for years, and refuse to settle for too long in any one place for fear that the supernatural wolves which killed their entire clan will find them as well. But then Ellie has a dream which shows her another family of Svatura, and she seeks them out. Overall, quite a gripping story, but I wish there would have been a bit more of an explanation behind this dream which brought them all together.

vampire diaries

Ellie chooses to hide the fact that she is also Svatura when she initially meets this family, and instead pretends to simply be the new girl in town. This poses a problem when sexy Alex, also a Svatura, comes into town and they have an immediate connection. He thinks she’s just a regular teenage human, and is concerned over the fact that he’s so attracted to someone a few hundred years younger than him. Turns out they are actually fated mates. Personally, I felt Ellie and her brother waited a ridiculously long time to reveal their true nature to the Svatura family, especially when they realized that a pack of wolves were hunting them, and still chose to keep that a secret from the family. A bit of a warning probably would have been nice. Overall though, a great read.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: The Svatura Series, book 1. I can’t wait to read book 2, which never happens with me and paranormal novels. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what will happen with Ellie’s brother Griffin and his fated mate, who happens to be a wolf!

Should you read it? Yes! There’s drama and some romance mixed in too. The whole book is a build-up towards a final battle with the wolf pack, and even though you kind of see where it’s going, it’s still an intense finish.

Smut Level: No sex or smut, but there’s plenty of flirting, and a decent amount of ear nibbling.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.99 Kindle Price. The Wild Rose Press, Inc. 204 Pages.


5 thoughts on “Blue Violet by Abigail Owen

  1. The “vampires don’t sparkle” image was on top of your review on the wordpress reader so I had to click on it. Looks like for better or worse, we will always compare vampires to Edward Cullen & Co. It seems refreshing (as you say) the way vampires are portrayed on this novel. Good review!


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