Did You Miss Me? 

I know, I know, long time no book review. But I’ve been busy, ok?! Not only was I home last week for the holidays, which basically meant I took an official break from reading any and all e-mails, but my work travel for all of the fall has only just ended! I have completed four work trips since September, which were two weeks each in length. That’s a lot of travel!!

There are some definite ups and downs to traveling for work. For example, I was able to get a ton of reading done, both in airports and of course on the beach. I think I averaged about 10 books per trip, so about 40 books altogether in the last 3 months.


In addition to reading, and relaxing on the beach, I occasionally get to do some sight seeing. I was able to visit the Grand Canyon for the first time since I was a kid on a family vacation. I must say, it’s rather peaceful to stroll through on your own.


And for those of you who, like me, are addicted to South Park, I visited the actual Casa Bonita in Denver, Colorado. It’s basically like Chuck E. Cheese for Mexican food. There were cliff divers and everything! Sure the food was terrible, and they mistakenly had a stuffed toy of Stan climbing the diving cliffs instead of Cartman, but overall it was a dream come true.


In spite of all the apparent benefits of work travel, there are some downsides to it as well. Firstly, traveling to 38 different cities in three months can be exhausting. That’s a lot of Holiday Inns and time changes to deal with. Not to mention pizza delivery.

The ultimate downside of work travel is that although I was able to read a lot of books, I was usually too exhausted to actually sit down and write reviews of those that I finished. However! My work travel officially ended the week before Thanksgiving, so I am now home and ready to write some book reviews! Just not today of course. I’m still adjusting. Be sure to check back later this week though, and I’ll have some steamy new romance reviews for all of you!

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