Down the Wormhole by Ana Franco

The concept of this story was really interesting, and had the potential to be something I would really enjoy, but unfortunately it just fell apart for me in terms of execution.

What’s it About? down

Medusa is a nice girl, Aphrodite is empowering, Loki vanished on thin air, Isis doesn’t have a memory and Anubis is the only sane one. Join them all in an adventure that mixes the styles of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson. What this can possibly mean? Why, chaos, of course!

First Impressions

Let me start off by saying that in middle school, Greek and Egyptian mythology was my jam. I read anything pertaining to the subject that I could get my hands on. So I was actually pretty excited going into this one. But alas, it almost seemed like this was originally written in another language, and Google translated into English. This poor writing was not only distracting, but actually made it kind of difficult to understand what the heck was happening.

google translate

An Interesting Mixture

This book features a slew of different gods and goddesses from Egyptian, Norse, and Greek mythology. It was kind of strange to not just focus on one particular mythology, but there were some interesting characters thrown in there. I think my favorite character was Aphrodite, because she was so spunky, and told it like it was. Too bad she was frozen has a statue for the majority of the book.


Kitty is the main heroine of the story. She meets a bunch of teens at an orphanage she apparently stumbles upon, and quickly discovers that they are actually gods/goddesses with magical powers. She actually handles this news fairly well, all things considered. I mean, Medusa is her roommate for crying out loud. So much for staying up late and braiding each other’s hair, am i right?

Gimme More

The drama of the story involves the goddess Eris, who is after the bracelet of Anubis. She wants to control his army and bring about chaos to the world. Girl, if you really wanna cause some chaos just shut down Facebook for an hour. Trust me, it’ll work.


There were multiple aspects of the story which I found to be rather confusing. Firstly, Eris employs the help of Set to go about her dastardly plans, but I never really knew why. She manages to locate the other gods and cause enough trouble on her own. Not really sure why Set was needed at all. Secondly, I felt there was a lack of back story to how these gods ended up in this human world to begin with. Some were cursed, others didn’t have full use of their powers, but we never really find out how or why to the full extent that I wanted.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Wormhole, book 1.

Should you read it? If you can get past the lack of back story, and rather confusing translation into English, the characters are actually pretty enjoyable.

Smut Level: No real smut. There’s plenty of flirtation between Kitty and another god, and although they eventually do the deed it is completely glossed over.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. This book is free! Amazon Digital Services, Inc. 171 Pages.


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