Mad About You by Joan Kilby

Men and women can never be friends. Having sex up against floor-to-ceiling windows always gets in the way.

What’s it About? 

mad about you

Accountant Cassy Morris knows she’s putting her heart on the line when she agrees to move in with her best friend, multi-millionaire geek Scott Thornton while she manages his nanotechnology lab and finds an angel investor for his revolutionary new product. She’s loved him forever even though he’s only ever regarded her as a friend. But Cassy never could refuse Scott anything…

When Scott is named Seattle’s sexiest man, the attention from women threatens to get in the way of him finishing his pet project and putting it on the market. Cassy steps up once again and pretends to be his fiancé. A lifetime of repressed sexual tension explodes in a passionate affair. Soon Scott is wondering how he can convince Cassy to turn their fake engagement into reality…

First Impressions


I thought this book would be about two friends who grow to learn that they have deeper feelings of love for one other. Undoubtedly one of my favorite romance novel themes. But oh no! These two have been lusting after each other since the beginning! Still an enjoyable concept, but I will say a little less exciting than a story where their mutual attraction takes a bit longer to develop.


The Dreamcatcher

Scott asks Cassy to help him find investors for his invention: the Dreamcatcher. It’s definitely a cool concept in theory, where you can see an actual representation of your dreams played out for you on TV like a movie. But once we get down to the nitty gritty details of it all I’ll admit it was kind of creepy.



You have to inject the nanotechnology into your bloodstream in order for it to work. Sounds like a science-fiction horror film waiting to happen. Also, I have a feeling if I ever used something like this I might get one cool dream out of a thousand, but it would probably mainly consist of me giving the same work presentation over and over again, trying to buy clothes before a store closes, or being chased by someone while my feet move at the pace of molasses. Not exactly something I want to see played out on screen!

dream running

In Addition to Sex

Cassy has always been the one to give Scott advice about women, but after they start having a sexual relationship he finally has to think on his own for once. Scott can take things a bit too seriously at times, but damn can that man be unbelievably sweet when he wants to be. At one point Cassy writes on Facebook that her new angel fish is tormenting her goldfish, so he brings her a new goldfish to act as the poor little guy’s playmate. I don’t even like fish, but even I have to admit that’s sweeter than heck.


In addition to this blossoming relationship between Scott and Cassy, there’s also an interesting side-story which explores the relationship between Scott and his father. Years before, Scott’s dad left him to live with relatives after his mom passed away, and their relationship has been strained ever since. Cassy tries her hardest to bring the two together for a reconciliation, but Scott is a bit too stubborn for his own good. Nevertheless, towards the end of the novel Scott and his father have a touching heart-to-heart which brings an added level of sincerity to the whole book.

Series: Nope

Should you read it? I’d say you could take it or leave it. It’s a sweet read, although Scott’s stubbornness was rather frustrating at times.

Smut Level: Cassy’s butt-prints are all over Scott’s living room windows.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Entangled: Indulgence. 192 Pages.

window sex

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