Rock You Like a Hurricane by Sierra Brave

Let’s see, how to pass the time during a hurricane? The characters in this book choose to eat tacos, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, play strip poker, and have a threesome. Well alright then!

What’s it About? 

rock you

Lifelong best friends, Tommy Marks and Ken Davidson prepare to ride out the storm with Trisha Harper, the woman both men adore. Determine to preserve their friendship, the men cling to a gentleman’s agreement, promising neither will make a move on her but can such a pact be upheld in the eye of the storm? With both men teetering between desire and the fear of rejection and loss, Trisha has no wish to break up the dynamic duo. For her it’s all or nothing and she’s determined to have Tommy and devour Ken too.

First Impressions

Ken and Tommy are bff’s, but both believe Trisha to be the love of their lives, and I don’t really understand why. They are definitely attracted to her physically, but I would’ve liked a bit more detail concerning why they both thought she was so irresistible . Whereas the boys both seem to be in love with her, whatever their reasoning, it seemed like Trisha had 2 main reasons for initiating a threesome: 1) she was sexually attracted to both men, and 2) she didn’t want to break up their friendship by only choosing one of them. Why choose one when you can have both? It would have been nice if we could see a deeper connection between all three of them beyond just sex. They are obviously all friends, but I wanted more of an emotional connection.


The Odd Woman Out

I’m sure most everyone has heard of the phrase, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd.” This book was definitely an interesting read to see the logistics of going from friends to suggesting a sexual relationship with three people instead of two. The fact that Ken and Tommy had a firm no-touch gentleman’s agreement when it came to Trisha simply meant that she had to work a little extra hard to show she was interested in the both of them equally. Hence the strip poker during a hurricane. I’ll admit, it was rather amusing when Ken and Tommy finally realized she wanted both of them.


As for the three-way itself, I personally felt there was one person who didn’t really belong, and that was Trisha. Ken and Tommy not only have a lifelong friendship, but they also bring out the best in each other. Ken has trouble associating with others, so Tommy helps to include him in every conversation. On the other hand, Tommy can be kind of a loose cannon, and Ken helps reign him in. I didn’t really see what role Trisha had to play in the grand scheme of things, and probably would have preferred a romance just between our two male besties! That’s where the emotion of the story really showed.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Triple Passion Play, book 1.

Should you read it? There’s definitely an interesting build-up of sexual tension between all three characters, especially when Trisha tries to entice the boys repeatedly throughout the evening to make a move. My main complaint was that it seemed like Trisha saw the boys more as a way to scratch her horny itch, but they actually wanted a relationship with her.

Smut Level: At one point they contemplate having a three-way in the bathtub. Thankfully they come to the conclusion that they won’t all fit. Probably would’ve caused a few injuries! Eventually they try pretty much every sexual position available to them.

Book Details: Click Here– available for pre-order. Releases on Amazon this Monday. Liquid Silver Books. 58 Pages.

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