Where do you Want to Go? 

Have you ever been reading a novel, romance or otherwise, and find that the setting is described in such amazingly fluid detail that you wish you could go there yourself? If you have, believe me you’re not alone. And if you haven’t, what the heck are you reading?

I believe that sometimes the setting of a novel can almost be like another character. A truly talented author can make a particular place or location come alive. There are a few different locales I’ve come across in my romance novel reading that sound so amazing, I find myself itching to find out how much it would cost to go there. I thought it would be fun to share a few of those locations that have somehow ended up on my travel bucket list. Feel free to share your own in the comment section, whether they be romantic getaways, places bustling with fun activities, fictional locations that only exist on paper, or post-apocalyptic destinations where you feel the urge to show off your terminator destruction skills. I want to hear them all!


Whether it be the Scottish Highlands, or the capital city of Edinburgh, I wanna go! This is a place that pre-romance novel me never really had a strong desire to visit. I mean, sure, if I had the opportunity to go I probably would have jumped at the chance, but it has now become a place that I long to see for myself. And there are two main novels which I can point to for stoking my flames of travel desire.

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The first is extremely obvious: Outlander. I know, I know, I’m such a cliché. But you know what, I don’t really care. This was really the first novel I can remember which made me want to see the green rolling hills of the Highlands. It also made me appreciate men who wear kilts. Although, I may have the TV show to thank for that one. I’m sure a lot of us Outlander fans have that same mental picture in our mind of riding horseback through a sea of endless green with a hunky Highlander either right next to or behind us. In reality, I’m sure it’s cold and rainy for most of the time, and I’d probably be too cheap to actually go horseback riding for a day. However, I think I could get my castle touring groove on to have a good time.


The second novel that made me more interested in seeing the modern-day, bustling city of Edinburgh was On Dublin Street. For those of you who don’t know, this novel is set in Edinburgh, not Ireland, in spite of the title having “Dublin” in it. I feel like all I’d really need to do to have a good time would be to sit in a restaurant/bar, and just eavesdrop on other people having conversations in one of the sexiest of sexy accents. Oh my, it’s getting a little hot in here. But seriously, in this book the city really does come alive with all of it’s history, and I think it’d be a neat place to visit one day.



Now, I know what most of you are probably thinking. Wyoming? Seriously? Yeah, I know, it seems a little out there, but I’ve come to love whenever there is a romance novel set in this state. It always seems so peaceful to me. Secluded ranches surrounded by beautiful open countryside, with mountains in the distance. Seems like the perfect place to curl up with a good book, a cup of hot cocoa, and a sexy ass cowboy building a fire. Is Wyoming actually like this in real life? I have absolutely no idea. I’m guessing no? Even if it was I’m sure I’d get bored in about a day, but it seems like there might be enough beautiful scenery to warrant a visit.


Any East Coast Sea-Side Town

Damn you Nicholas Sparks! He is simply a magician at making these sleepy towns seem like the perfect place to live. Again, I’m sure I’d get bored in about a nanosecond. What can I say? I’m a big city girl through and through. However, I’ll admit that whenever I read a romance by someone like RaeAnne Thayne set in one of these quiet towns where everyone knows everyone, I do get an urge to see if it lives up to the hype.


Maybe I just need a vacation where I can rent a little beach house for a week or two, and sit with my Kindle all day long in pure relaxation. Ahhh, such bliss. Oh, and a hunk like Noah to row me around in a boat during the afternoon would be much appreciated as well.



7 thoughts on “Where do you Want to Go? 

  1. I love well-crafted and thoughtful descriptions, too. Andrea Downing is a romance author who has awesome descriptions of Wyoming in her books, you should check her out. I have a book set in Puerto Rico that has gotten a lot of comments about how the setting is so vivid that people want to go there. This was an interesting blog, especially for a reader and author.

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  2. I like you post a lot, mostly because I’m a writer and for certain places, I do try to write them almost like characters. One location that springs to mind it Stonignton, CT. My third novel is set in this small seaside Connecticut hamlet with it’s Old Lighthouse Museum at the center of the action of the book. I fell in love with this little town when I was on a research trip up in the area. If you’re a lover of the movie Mystic Pizza, much of that movie was shot in Stonington as well as the movie Hope Springs with Merrill Streep. I fell in love with the town so much I practically write it’s charm and character into a character in my book.

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