Saturday Sexcapades: Movie Theater

Oh for the love of all that is holy, please don’t tell me this is why the floors in movie theaters are so sticky!!


For this edition of Saturday Sexcapades, we’re going to explore romance novel couples who get it on in a darkened movie theater. Now, let me start off by saying…I totally get it. After all, is there anything more intoxicating, more stimulating, more arousing, than the scent of movie theater popcorn butter? Talk about the ultimate aphrodisiac!


You’ve gotta admit, the movie theater is a damn near perfect public location for some hanky panky. It’s dark, the majority of people will be too enthralled with what’s happening on the screen to really pay any attention to you and your lover, and it can be so unbelievably loud in there that all the sounds of gasping and moaning can be perfectly camouflaged.


There are a few important points for our romance novel couples to consider though before attempting this one. Firstly, they better hope to get a seat in the absolute back row, with nobody else around who might get a show they weren’t quite expecting.


Second, their actions are rather limited. Let’s face it, they’re pretty much restricted to using their hands, and…well…you know. Both individuals must be prepared to face the facts: their clothes must remain on, and there’s a mighty big chance you’ll have to wait another hour or two before you can head home and do the job right. Naked.

mad men

And now for my one teeny, tiny complaint about this sexual locale. Do you realize how much money you just wasted on a movie ticket?! Those damn things are expensive, and you’re not even paying attention to what’s going on onscreen. And if you happen to knock over the popcorn whilst carrying out your amorous activities? Hmph, we gonna have words! Believe you me!

download (1)

Overall though, I must admit that when this locale appears in romance novels I am in full support. It’s sexy as hell, and often leads to a more passionate evening once our couple makes it back home, where they can rip each other’s clothes off completely.


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