I Freakin’ Love Audiobooks!

Hear me out! Believe me, I know what most of you are thinking because I used to be the same way. Whenever you might have cause to listen to an audiobook, whether it be during your daily commute, or working out, you prefer to listen to music because sometimes your head is in the clouds. You might not pay attention. Aka you daze out.


I used to think the exact same thing, so I always brushed aside the idea of listening to an audiobook. But then I gave one a try and realized something rather profound. Are you ready for this? If the book is interesting, you’ll actually pay attention!


I know, seems rather elementary doesn’t it? But it’s actually kind of life changing. I now actually look forward to heading to work every morning, and lo and behold since the discovery of my audiobook addiction I have joined a gym so that I have an easier outlet to listen to my books, and simultaneously not feel guilty about enjoying some ice cream at the end of a busy day. For all of you out there who bemoan the fact that you don’t have time to read, this is a perfect way to finish those books otherwise gathering dust on your bookshelves.


One of the reasons that I absolutely love listening to audiobooks is because it’s an enjoyable way to read at times which would otherwise be inconvenient for me to hold my Kindle. I mean, walking into oncoming traffic because my nose was stuck in my e-reader doesn’t exactly sound appealing. So now, I’ll listen to my audiobooks whenever I cook, walk anywhere, get ready in the morning, or need to get a workout in, and I reserve my Kindle reading for when I’m relaxing in my chaise lounge or in bed. It’s also an awesome way to knock a few more books off my TBR list! I’ll listen to one book in the morning on my iPhone, and read a different one in the evening on my Kindle.


Now, there are a few negatives to audiobooks which are important to point out. Number one: they are as expensive as sh*t. Audible.com is nice though because your first book is free, so you can test out to see if you actually enjoy listening to an audiobook before shelling out the money for one. If you find you do like them, you can get a monthly membership with audible which is probably cheaper than buying all of those audiobooks separately. Maybe ask for some extra Amazon gift cards for your birthday this year too.


Number two: you can kind of look like an idiot whilst listening to them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked to work, and found myself giggling aloud, blushing, or dropping my jaw open in surprise because of what’s going on in my audiobook. For people on the street who think you’re just listening to music, they might give you a confused glance or two. So, as long as you can control your facial features, or don’t mind if others think you’re off your rocker, have at it!


And last but not least, driving and audiobooks don’t always mix. I do a lot of travel for work in the fall, and rental cars are an unfortunate component to all that travel. Listening to an audiobook and trying to navigate your way around a busy city for the first time is basically an accident waiting to happen, so try to avoid that one. If I ever found myself on a 3-4 hour-long drive, I would usually get out of the city first, and then pull over at a rest stop to get my audiobook up and running. However, after an hour or two on the open road, I would often find myself paying more attention to the story than the road. My mouth would also have the tendency to hang open a lot in apparent wonder, which is just a weird phenomenon that requires further scientific study.


So there you have it! Audiobooks definitely have their pluses and minuses, but I for one absolutely love them. They are also the perfect companion to a nice, relaxing walk on the beach. Don’t knock it til you try it!




9 thoughts on “I Freakin’ Love Audiobooks!

  1. I’m with you, I love audiobooks and my listening habits are probably about the same as yours I reckon. I decided to subscribe to Audible so for $14.99AUD a month I get one credit that I can exchange for any book in the store which is pretty freaking good, so the last book I bought would have been $65 and I effectively got it for $14.99! But the subscription also means that you need to be pretty committed to listening to one audio book a month in order to make the most of it.

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  2. I love audiobooks! Our library offers Hoopla and Overdrive. Hoopla is my favorite, but limits you to 5 items a month. Which is about perfect for audiobooks. I listen to romance during easy projects at work, which can feel really awkward when you’re listening to really detailed sex scenes while surrounded by coworkers.

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  3. I’m trying my first audiobook via an Overdrive library loan. I decided to give it a try for my daily walks. I originally hoped to get some story ideas fleshed out in that 30-60 minutes, but my mind wanders too much. While I’m able to focus on the book, I can’t really say I’m enjoying it. I can’t decide if its the book itself (YA) or the reader (female). I’m definitely distracted by one of the accents she uses. I’m thinking maybe I’ll return this book and try something else…a male read thriller might be more my audio style.

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    • The narrator is everything! I was listening to an audiobook once, and when the female narrator did her impression of the male lead I actually cracked up laughing. I felt so bad, but the attempt to sound seductive just came out so cheesy!


  4. I love audiobooks. I own about 100 already. If I’m listening to an interesting book and get distracted I just rewind and play back. It’s brilliant. 😃

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  5. Was wondering where you get your audio books? Amazon, Audible.com, somewhere else. I’m trying to get one of my books done as an audio book and am wondering where folks like you like to shop for them.

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