Catalina and the Winter Texan by Hebby Roman

Hot damn! Who knew two grown ass adults could have the libido and sexual stamina of two horny teenagers? Bow chica wow wow.

What’s it About?


Catalina Reyes has sacrificed everything to own a beach-front recreational vehicle Park. Widowed and struggling, her Park falls on hard times and needs extensive renovations to stay open.

When Manuel Batista, a widowed and successful contractor rents a slot at the Park, he’s immediately attracted to Catalina and captivated by her fiery spirit and determination. Manuel helps Catalina to renovate her Park. Working together, their relationship sizzles, but Catalina realizes Manuel will return north after the winter. Unwilling to start a long-distance relationship after a painful breakup in her previous marriage, she must learn to trust again.

Can they overcome Catalina’s fears and bridge the gap of hundreds of miles between their homes and families to find a second chance at love?

First Impressions

At first, I didn’t really know what to expect having two lead characters who were, how to say, a bit past their prime? After all, we’ve all seen the Cialis commercials. I was kind of worried whether or not Manny would be able to…perform adequately. Turns out it definitely wasn’t a problem! He’s sporting an erection within about 30 seconds of his first meeting with Cat as she’s bending over looking for something. You go boy! No little pills needed for you.


The Past

What’s really interesting about this book is how both Cat and Manny’s pasts come to have a major influence on their current relationship. With her first husband, Nieto, Cat threw herself into managing the Park. They grew apart over time, and she blames herself for his eventual philandering.


For Manny, he had numerous affairs whilst married to his wife. They tried to work things out, but her untimely death meant that things were never fully resolved between them. Manny has taken a vow of celibacy for years as an act of contrition. When he and Cat finally start to hit it off, he feels he must be honest with her about his own past before they start a physical relationship. Although Manny swears he is a changed man, we see how Cat’s relationship with her first husband makes her wary to trust Manny completely.

Chemistry and Frustration

These two really do belong together. Both are rather old-fashioned in how they approach dating, which is just adorable. They also have a definite chemistry filled with electricity and sexual tension.


Cat and Manny are also mighty stubborn. They can quickly make unwarranted assumptions about the other, and say some pretty hurtful things by using the mistakes from their pasts against each other. Which is kind of unfair. They’re also prone to keeping their true feelings hidden inside. See what I mean? Meant for each other! Come on now folks, let’s try and share.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Snowbirds, book 1. I do wonder what will happen next between these two. Will Catalina give up her Park and move back with Manny to Chicago, or will he leave his carpentry business and family behind to move down South for good?

Should you read it? I love how this book demonstrates that older couples don’t necessarily have all the answers when it comes to relationships. They too can make mistakes. However, they can also still find true love, even if it’s for the second time.

Smut Level: These two manage to make a Texan winter even hotter.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Estrella Books. 150 Pages.

5 thoughts on “Catalina and the Winter Texan by Hebby Roman

  1. Thank you so much for your clever, funny and intriguing review of my book, “Catalina and the Winter Texan.” Loved it! So well done. I can see why tons of authors have nominated you for blogger/reviewer awards!
    And as an added bonus, this book is a RONE Finalist this week in steamy contemporary romance. I would love any votes at: Hope this is okay to ask here?
    Again, thank you so much for your review and know that I read your blog regularly and love your witty posts!

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  2. Oh, and I forgot to add, you will learn more about where Manny and Cat plan to live in “LuAnn and the Latin Lover,” the third book in the Snowbirds Series. You’ll even get to see their wedding on the beach! Coming soon.

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