Book Expo America

This same time last year, I was having a blast at one of the largest book and author events for the book industry, Book Expo America. I attended a Bloggers Conference, met some of my favorite authors, and actually had to buy an extra suitcase just so I could transport all of the free books I received back home with me.

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As soon as the event was over, I immediately started thinking about how I’d be requesting time off from work to attend the Book Expo this year in Chicago. Today is the first day of the expo, and it goes until Friday. Three fabulous days of networking, learning more about the industry, and did I mention the free books?


Unfortunately, I am not in Chicago. I’m a few states over in Ohio. You see, I had a teeny, tiny scheduling conflict that I simply couldn’t get out of. This weekend just happens to be my sister’s wedding, which means Book Expo America is a no-go for me this year.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am unbelievably honored and excited to share in my sister’s big day. She also just happens to be my best friend, and she’s selected me to be her maid of honor.


But I’m not gonna lie, I did wonder if anybody at home would notice if I just skipped out for a few hours. You know, fly to Chicago real quick, run around the Expo for a few hours grabbing as many books as I can before flying back in time for the rehearsal dinner. Alas, I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year’s expo to get my book craze on. Hopefully no other relatives will choose to get married that weekend.




Love ya sis! Congrats!!






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