One Night with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

We’ve all heard the old adage that money doesn’t buy happiness, but if this series has taught me anything, it’s that having money definitely doesn’t hurt. It seems like it can really make all your problems just go away.

What’s it About? 

one night

Kylie may be a makeup artist to the stars, but she knows what it feels like to be overshadowed. Especially by her famous boss, the pop star Daphne. That’s why she’s stunned—and delighted—when one night at a party, she attracts the attention of a gorgeous stranger. But when Daphne decides she wants the handsome billionaire for herself, Cade Archer is suddenly off-limits for Kylie…

Cade has known Daphne for years, and always wondered if she might be the right woman for him—even though she never gave him the time of day. But one sizzling night with Kylie has changed everything. So why is she suddenly avoiding him? Fortunately Cade is determined to get what he wants, and he’ll do anything to show Kylie she can get everything she wants too…

First Impressions

Cade has been in love with Daphne for years, but he’s gotten to the point where he’s entirely fed up that she isn’t clean from all of the drugs and alcohol. He finds that he is attracted to Kylie, mainly because she is basically the opposite of everything Daphne represents. She’s responsible, caring, and actually shows some interest in him. Now, I don’t want to say that Kylie is his rebound, but I do feel like Cade was constantly comparing her to Daphne. Sure, she’s a much nicer and better person than her out of control pop star boss, but it seemed a tad unfair for there to always be this constant point of comparison throughout most of the book.


Hello Mr. Billionaire!

Ever since the first book in this series, I’ve always considered Cade to be one of the nicest in the billionaire boy’s club. Turns out he’s also the filthiest! Not in terms of personal hygiene or anything. He just has one of the dirtiest mouths of the bunch. Throughout the novel, Cade and Kylie get it on in janitor’s closets and limos. They are just some downright naughty individuals, and I love ’em!


Beloved Nana

In addition to all the raunchy sex going on, I also liked the side story with Kylie’s Nana. Kylie is Daphne’s makeup artist, and although she makes a decent living, she needs more money for her Nana’s medical home costs. When the devastatingly handsome billionaire Cade starts to show an interest in her, she finds that she’s afraid to ask him for the money needed to solve all her problems.


Even though Cade loves her, Kylie fears it will lessen his opinion of her. The last thing Kylie wants is for Cade to see her and her Nana as her ex-boyfriend saw them: a burden. We question how long it will take before Kylie can truly open up to Cade, and if he’ll continue to love her as before.

Series: Billionaire Boys Club, book 6. I’d have to say, book 2 was probably my favorite. Who doesn’t like a modern, naughty version of Beauty and the Beast?

Should you read it? I’d recommend the whole series! We’ve got alpha billionaires by the handful here. I do love that in this final book we get to see everyone come together. All the boys in the club with the loves of their lives; so freakin’ sweet.

Smut Level: I feel like it takes a special talent indeed not to get carsick whilst fooling around in the back of a limo.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Berkley Publishing. 294 Pages.


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