Saturday Sexcapades: Janitor’s Closet

What is it about a janitor’s closet that just makes two consenting adults positively frisky? Perhaps it’s the close, confined quarters. Or the possibility of discovery? Maybe the restricted scent of chemical fumes have combined to form an unstoppable cloud of lust. Whatever it is, I absolutely love whenever we have two romance novel characters who choose to go at it in a janitor’s closet.


If you’ve never come across this sexual locale in a romance book, well then you need to get on that. It’s really a good one! I have found that there are two instances in which it is about 10 times more likely for our love birds to seek out, or stumble into a janitor’s closet to get their freak on.

Instance one: hospitals. If you’re reading a romance novel, and the male and female lead ever find themselves visiting a third party in a hospital, I would say the chance of them shoving each other up against the shelves in a janitor’s closet is exponentially increased. I can’t say with 100% certainty why that is. Maybe they’re both really really happy to be alive and healthy, and they feel the urge to celebrate?


Instance two: charity functions. I guess you could say they’re in the giving mood! Hint hint wink wink, nudge nudge. This one is always fun because they are usually dressed up in all their fancy gala evening wear, but when the door closes the white satin gloves come off. At least they will have all the necessary items to efficiently clean up afterwards, amiright?

I think the close quarters really does have a large part to play in what makes this sexual location so sexy. Not to mention that for some very odd reason, our couple is usually arguing before finding solitude in the janitor’s closet, and they can’t help but take out their sexual frustration by doing the vertical mambo. Let’s face it, they rarely go horizontal in those things.


Well, whatever it is! This romance reviewer gives the janitor’s closet as a sex locale in novels two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Or penises. You know, whichever you prefer.

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