Rising Assets by Rebecca Zanetti

I’d have to say this was probably my least favorite of the Maverick Montana series so far. That being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

What’s it About? 


Melanie Jacobs is in trouble. With three jobs—including running her ranch—and dwindling funds, she’s exhausted. Not to mention desperately trying to hide a secret. Unfortunately, her best friend Colton Freeze knows all too well that’s something is going on, and he won’t give up until he knows exactly what he needs to fix.

Then Colton learns the truth—that Melanie’s future happiness rests in the fickle hands of fate, and her chances for having a family are shrinking with every passing day. Her only comfort is Colton, but when a heated argument between them turns into an even hotter kiss, the boundaries of their friendship are erased, leaving only a scorching-hot hunger for more. Every kiss—every touch—is a stolen pleasure. But will their new friends-with-sexy-benefits arrangement bring them closer together, or destroy everything they once shared?

First Impressions

Colton and Melanie have been friends forever. Everyone else thinks they should be more, but they simply haven’t had that “aha” moment yet. All it really takes is for Colton to see Mel working behind a bar in a short skirt, and he has his “aha” moment. Well, that and thinking she’s pregnant with another man’s baby. As with the previous novels, the townspeople of Maverick are an absolute hoot, and they really go above and beyond in this one. They all have a town pool going as to when Mel and Colt will finally profess their love for one another, and throughout the whole book you wonder who is collecting the bets. Such dastardly fun.


Running in Circles

Melanie actually isn’t pregnant with another man’s child. Unfortunately she has endometriosis, and her window to have a child of her own is getting smaller and smaller every day. Initially, Colton is going to take her to a sperm bank, then he offers to impregnate her himself, then she says no, then yes, and there was so much back and forth I wanted to scream, “Oh just do it already!” So about half-way through the book they finally do it. On the floor.


Another argument they constantly dance circles around is their friend Hawk. The three of them have always been the best of friends, and both Melanie and Colton use their relationship with Hawk as a reason to not get involved. Honestly, I had some difficulty following their line of reasoning. Hawk is constantly out of town on lengthy missions for the military, so it’s not like they are all together 24/7, or that they would somehow spend less time together were Mel and Colt to get together. That being said, I must say I enjoyed all of the threesome jokes that Hawk made about the whole situation.


Series: Maverick Montana, book 3.

Should you read it? Still a good read even though it wasn’t my favorite. I think the dramatic side story wasn’t as interesting as the other books, and wasn’t fully explored or explained. Basically Colt made some bad investments with the family’s money, but they all still support him.

Smut Level: Colt definitely has a rising asset in his jeans, if you know what I mean!

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Entangled: Brazen. 212 Pages.

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