Taking Control by Nina Croft

The chemistry between these two characters is fabulous! They have a history together in that they dated as teenagers, and they were reckless and wild. When they meet again years later they have some unfinished sexual tension to release. Reckless and wild indeed!

What’s it About? 


Jessica Bauer is aces when it comes to security, but the PR side? Not so much. Now she has a chance to take over Knight Securities―if she plays nice with the next client. Unfortunately, that client happens to be Declan McCabe. And it’s too bad someone wants him dead, because after he broke her heart ten years ago, Jessica would have cheerfully murdered him herself.

Declan has taken his dad’s not-so-reputable company and turned it around, and in the process, he’s attracted the attention of some vicious killers. The only perk is being reunited with Jessica, who Declan still wants so much he can barely see straight. But Jessica has a plan of her own. She’ll protect Declan. She’ll have unbelievably hot sex with him. And when the job is finished, she’ll move on. Except that this time, Declan isn’t so willing to walk away…

First Impressions

What’s really fascinating about this book is the lack of regrets between Jessica and Declan. When they were dating as reckless teenagers they got into some trouble, and he walked away from their relationship. His father also played a role in keeping them apart. However, rather than looking back on their years apart as time wasted, they both agree that if they had stayed together they probably wouldn’t have lasted. After all, they were young and rather foolish. Both Jessica and Declan needed the separation in order to grow as individuals before they could attempt a relationship again. Pretty interesting take.


What the Book got Right

wall make out 2

The SEX! They definitely have some unfinished business to take care of up against a wall, in a gun range, etc. Even though Declan is the one who turned his back on their relationship years before, he’s much quicker to fall back in love and express his feelings than she is. Jessica might be more disciplined than she was as a teenager, but she’s still a badass with some attitude. I think Declan secretly delights in his attempts to woo Jessica, so that she gives him another chance. I was also delighted in reading about his attempts to do so. Lots of creative naked time.

What the Book got Wrong

The danger aspect. The book starts off with Declan being shot, and his father hires the company that Jess works for, Knight Securities, to get to the bottom of what happened and protect his son. Unfortunately, this suspense and danger is missing for almost the entirety of the book. It’s present at the very beginning, and at the very end, but I found it a bit disappointing that it was never taken to the next level.

Series: Babysitting a Billionaire, book 3.

Should you read it? It might not be the perfect read, but it’s fun and sexy. A relaxing beach read.

Smut Level: Jessica’s tattoos are hilarious. She has “Declan is a prick” tattooed on her ass. He’s rather surprised when he discovers it in the midst of their foreplay.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Entangled: Brazen. 222 Pages.

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One thought on “Taking Control by Nina Croft

  1. I always enjoy your posts. Not that romance novels are my thing, though I sample them from time to time, but it’s your enthusiasm for the genre and for reading. It’s infectious. About this book, I love that the female protagonist is a badass named J. Bauer.

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