Rest in Peace

Dear Aunt Sue:

You may have left us behind unexpectedly yesterday, but know that you left behind a loving family who will miss you forever. Things won’t be the same now that you are gone, but I for one will try to remember as many of the good things as I can.

Your brisket was legendary, as were your mashed potatoes that must have contained at least 2 full sticks of butter. I love that you always made sure to have a new box of orange sherbet push-pops at the ready for whenever I came over, knowing that I could put away at least 5 after dinner. I’ll never be able to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas again without thinking of you, and how he was your favorite Christmas character of all time. You also may have been the only other woman in the world who loved her Kindle more than I love mine.

I’ll miss your infectious laughter, your smile, and the fact that you loved your family more than anything. You’ll always be in our hearts, and we’ll think of you often. Rest assured that we’ll all rally together to look after your husband, 2 children, and tenacious grandchild. They won’t be alone. I hope that you are now at peace, and free from the pain of this world. We shall see you again someday, but not yet. Goodbye for now.

Love you always,



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